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Promote Yourself...And Enjoy It

Posted by Dunvegan on Jan 2, 2012 6:06:59 AM
00000 dunvegan atavar primary.JPG~ Leia Amidon, CISSP



Want to promote yourself as a pre- or post- published writer? It's easier than you think.

From distance networking to speaking engagements, there are methods of self-publishing promotion that are well-fitted for authors that range from the painfully shy to the outspoken extrovert.

We shall investigate the various and numerous methods of self-promotion for self-publishing authors.

And, your invited input and experiences are solicited and most valuable to our journey in networking the work we do.


Refer to William Hertling's Thoughtstream - How To Promote Yourself as a Writer Without Being Obnoxious



Publishers dream sugar-plum dreams of all of their authors finding their own ways onto Oprah, 60 Minutes, articles on the front page of the New York Times, and just about any and every possible media perview...while giving out with brilliant interviews from sea to shining studio.


They want us to be "book famous", and the less they have to do, the sweeter the promotion sugar. But it seems that Oprah won't take my calls, and the NYT is not returning my inquiries. What now?


If you have a specific topic on which you write, one method of self-promotion is to join affiliated associations.


I work broadly in Information Security. To keep my CISSP in good standing, it is required I perform a certain number of hours of "study" per year. Knowing this is a requirement for many InfoSec professionals, many Security associations put on nice lunches with short speakers that meet the requirements of a "teaching seminar". Some of these "teachers" have presented little more than "Good Security, Good Meet, Good Gawd, Let's Eat!" to cover the "teaching portion" of the presentation.


Many associations not only make it easy to join, but even the shyest author finds chatting at a convivial meet-up of like minded people enjoyable, and find themselves handing out their card, with e-mail address to keep in touch with other members. And some of them may very well look you up and by your self-published book. They've met you and know you...they may want to read about your expertise in the subject matter.


You never know...unless you try. And joining associations that interest you are quite fun and worth the investment.


For the more extroverted, there are thousands of seminars held world-wide where you may submit a written engagement subject and full text of the speech, and find youself speaking to dozens to hundreds of folk in your area of interest, where you may also pitch your publication during or after the presentation.


Whatever path fits you best, it is best to network with others in your subject-matter area. You learn much, and your publisher is pleased at your self-promotion and added certifications.


What do you think? Have you any experience with associations and networking that might be of help to us all?


Here is a link to a seminar presentation I gave some years ago at DefCon (the hacker's convention). It has led to an InfoSec series I am currently fleshing out. It's the second presentation, and covers things relating to my work as Director of Security, Napster (talk about a work title oxymoron!).


Rember, it's not scary out there when the people you'll be meeting are people who love the things you love to write about.

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