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May 10, 2008
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Sep 17, 2018 4:56 AM
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Burleson, TX
United States
Primary creative media:
Other areas of expertise:
illustration, graphic arts, freelance editor
Raised in Albuquerque, now live in Burleson, Texas with husband, grandson, and cat named Silverado. Have Bachelor of Science in Biology; Medical Technology diploma; Master of Health Administration. Twenty years in medical field.
My interests:
I love books, especially those by C.S. Lewis, and Tolkien; and anything blank that I can write in. I like to crochet, sew and garden. I like to learn new techniques with my Xara and CorelDraw programs (love creating graphic illustrations) Learning 3D rendering with Vue-really awesome!
About my completed projects:
'Rista's Tale' is Christian allegory, fantasy adventure. 'Part 1: Scarjheen', 'Part 2: The Last Stone Seed' and 'Part 3: The Chronicles of the People'. The home school study guide complements 'Rista's Tale Part 1: Scarjheen'. 'The Blessed'.
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My accomplishments:
Three published novels; One published home-school study guide; Two novels in-the-works (One nearly completed); Picture book (The King and His Son) nearly completed.
Favorite resources:
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary; Walton Mendelson's Build-Your-Book; APA Publication Manual; Biology textbooks for referencing when I need to draw a tree or something.
books christian fantasy allegory

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