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Sep 29, 2012
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Nov 18, 2016 12:24 PM
Ghita Andersen
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Other areas of expertise:
Graphic Art, Women's Workshops, Social Commentary
My Website:
Ghita Andersen is a writer, social commentator, life coach and award-winning artist. Ghita has work appearing in new-age and environmental magazines, blogs and articles. Growing up in New Zealand with a mix of European and Polynesian culture gave Ghita a keen eye for irony, human behaviour and social injustice. She has since lived in many countries and traveled widely, campaigning for the environment, human rights and charitable causes. Ghita decided to combine her creativity and knack for speaking out - to help people to become more aware of the planet; the need for gender equality, social freedoms and the expansion of human consciousness. This lead to her first book: Light upon the billabong. When Ghita is not writing humorous books, she is most likely drawing or coaching motivational workshops for women in Queensland, Australia. Ghita is available as a keynote speaker at women's events.
My interests:
World Events, Spirituality, Counselling, Design and Painting, Environmental Campaigns, Equality, Social Issues, Meditation.
About my completed projects:
Light upon the billabong
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My accomplishments:
Leaf tailed Gecko Award (Art Award) 2013 for Gold Coast, Greenweek Logo. Queensland, Australia Rotary International Past Presidents Award 2007 for Service to the Community and Overseas Projects in Nepal and India. Western Australia Auckland Savings Bank Poster Competition Winner three years running. New Zealand 1973, 1974, 1975
Upcoming events:
Book Signing and Launch in Currumbin, Queensland. October 2014
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