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May 18, 2008
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Nov 10, 2018 4:01 PM
Sandra Rains
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Hillsboro Ohio
United States
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A combination of media types
Other areas of expertise:
Okay, so to introduce myself- My name is Sandra and I am first and, above all else, a mother. Sliding in second is- an independent writer. I am a firm believer and follower of Christ Our Lord and a free spirit with nature. I am not racist and I choose not to judge lest I be judged. I am a proud grandmother and my grandkids have my heart. My genres are Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Slice Of Life, Speculative, Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Adventure.
My interests:
Writing, treasure hunting, hiking, photography.
Preview - Check out things that I am working on:
About my completed projects:
All of my works hold some truth. No one will ever know which ones.
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My accomplishments:
I've written and published 11 books and 6 audiobooks. I've managed to stay true to myself and have not signed with another publisher.
Favorite resources:
Mother Nature, walks in the woods, photography
Websites I find useful:
Upcoming events:
The release of my next book, Route 50
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