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Oct 27, 2008
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Irma Fritz
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United States
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Irma Fritz was born in Ukraine of German ancestry. By the time she immigrated to the U.S., she had already lived in five countries: Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Ms. Fritz developed a passion for writing at an early age. As a child, growing up in post-WWII Germany, she wrote poetry and short stories, and immersed herself in reading the classics. Upon moving to the U. S., she earned a B.A. in English from Cal State L.A. After graduation, she spent some years working as press agent at various Hollywood PR companies, where she wrote celebrity bios, film synopsis, and product publicity material. After moving to Seattle, she worked in banking administration and human resources; her most recent position held was that of Human Resources Officer for a small savings & loan. Ms. Fritz continued to hone her writing skills at the University of Washington as well as other writers? workshops. In the fall of 2008, she published her debut novel, ?Irretrievably Broken? (, which was chosen among the top 20 novels by the online magazine, ?Cold Coffee.? The work was ultimately inspired by a newspaper clipping from her hometown in Germany. A neighboring property had been torn down and a mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath, was unearthed. Experts speculated that a synagogue would most likely be situated beneath the foundations of the house she had lived in as a child. Ms. Fritz says, ?I read the clipping and promptly forgot about it. Or so I thought! But this discovery must have been burned into my subconscious. After I finished the novel, I rediscovered the clipping and realized how these facts had informed my writing. There, at the heart of a story of adventure and travel, of love and loss, was a Holocaust story, come to light after years of concealment, very much like the mikvah that had been unearthed so many years later under our former neighbor's house in a small town where no one in post-WWII Germany ever spoke about such things.? Ms. Fritz is now at work on a book of short stories and her second novel, a satiric exploration of the rise and fall of sub-prime home mortgage lenders. She and her husband live in the Seattle area where they enjoy biking and hiking in the beautiful outdoors of the PNW.
My interests:
Reading, writing, natch!! opera, hiking, biking, outdoors, cooking for friends & family, blogging, tweeting, making new friends on networking & social sites
About my completed projects:
HOW DOES ONE GENERATION COME TO TERMS WITH THE CRIMES OF ANOTHER? IRRETRIEVABLY BROKEN is the haunting, funny, and heart-breaking account of German ex-patriots Nora, Ruth, and Bettina Adler. The plot takes us across the U.S, to the bush country of Canada, and to a cold case murder scene in Germany as this multi-cultural family deals with diversity and racism. The novel is populated with unforgettable characters in a sometimes shocking and always unflinchingly honest exploration of the past. Nora is obsessed with her Native-American husband she?s about to divorce and consumed with guilt over a friend she may have caused harm; Ruth, whose blunt statements are often inappropriate, witnessed a brutal murder and saved a life during the Holocaust; and 12-year-old Bettina, the mixed race child of an African-American and a white German, is devastated by the death of her mother and neglect of her father. IRRETRIEVABLY BROKEN is a novel of family and friendship, of love and loss, of guilt and forgiveness, of faith tested and affirmed.
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B.A. English from Cal State LA; Worked as Human Resources Officer for Seattle area bank until 2007; Published debut novel Irretrievably Broken 2008; Irretrievably Broken chosen as one of top novels by on-line mag Cold Coffee in Spring 2009; Sales of amazon Kindle version moved Irretrievably Broken into bestseller list in various book categories in July '08.
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novel holocaust love adventure travel family loss kristallnacht divorce german jewish afro-american nature trek summer wilderness murder wwii native

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