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Nov 8, 2010
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Loretta Erses
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Atlanta Metro Area
United States
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Public Speaking and Entertainer
My Website:
- Greater Atlanta Area - Writing and Editing - I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who resides in the Atlanta, GA metro area. I earned my MBA online from the American Intercontinental University in Global Technology Management. Building self-esteem is essential for confidence and success as a leader in our society, and it all begins with you. Of all the thoughts and mental judgments you make in life, none are as important as the ones you continue to make and portray to others about yourself. I am an Entrepreneur/Author at Loretta Erses and Associates, which is a small business formed in January 2011 to market books, other items and information created by me to empower and inspire the spirit and the soul. All my books are available via, and I am an experienced and very versatile manager or director of personnel, facilities and other resources when employed by others. I am very sharp, creative, well organized and a self-starter in management and in support of company developmental programs. My motto is: I love everyone, if you have a problem with me, it is your problem, and I love you. Life is too short to sweat the stuff that I have no control over. I know that the world is big enough for everyone in it to be successful in all his or her creative abilities therefore; This Spiritual Learner Desires to Share Your Joy When You are Successful. I am Spiritual & I Love Embracing My Spirituality... I Love Father GOD, JESUS, You & My Life...That is the best way to live. I Wish and Pray for Much, Much Love and Personal Success for Myself and for Everyone in the World. Always Remember: Every Day is Important Because You Are Exchanging A Day of Your Life For It. Loretta Erses
My interests:
--Currently PhD Student - Multidisciplinary Human Services - Capella University - School of Public Service Leadership Online --Computers, Reading and Travel (Will someone please rescue me and take me to Bali, Indonesia) --Music I Like: Everything except Heavy Metal with Screaming and Heavy Rap with Profanity --Movies I Like: Everything except Blood and Guts with lots of blood and killing --Books I Like: Everything but Horror and I absolutely love Romance Novels I am a doer and I will is the key phrase for me. There is a lot of energy packed into me and I am always going to be busy, regardless of whatever else is happening around me. I am ambitious, creative, and optimistic. It is not enough for me to just do the job, in order to suffice, it must be done to the absolute best of my ability. Management, teaching, and public speaking are well-suited positions anything that puts me in a leadership position and will give me the opportunity to do what comes naturally. I love traveling to historical sites, reading romantic or mystery novels, or biographies, playing computer games or simply enjoying a relaxing time at home watching science fiction, mystery, history, discovery or movies of that same genre or simply spending time outdoors at the edge of a small pond in my backyard either feeding the fish, or ducks. I am exercising more which is a goal for 2014!
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About my completed projects:
1. Ignore Reality and Trust GOD, Volume 1 2. Reflections of A Woman Child, Volume 1 3. Ignore Reality and Trust GOD, Volume 2 4. Embrace Your Spirituality: Remove Negative Habits and Addictions: Live Free...
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Yes! I am tooting my own horn: Katharine Hepburn said this: "As one goes through life one learns that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move." My accomplishments: 1. PhD Student - Multidisciplinary Human Services - Capella University - School of Public Service Leadership Online (4.0 GPA) 2. Retirement from US Air Force (20+ years) 3. Graduation from American InterContinental University's Online Program with a MBA in Global Technology Management (4.0 GPA) 4. Completion and Self-Publishing of 4 books here at Create Space and with more in the works...
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Upcoming events:
Writing Dissertation for PhD at Capella University starting in January 2015...
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