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Lorraine Watkins
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United States
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I was born in a small town of Albemarle, North Carolina in the United States where I shared a home with five siblings and both parents. We enjoyed the simple things in life such as gardening, fishing, and hunting. My parents raised us in a Christian home where we valued the word of God in loving and respecting others.
My interests:
Aside from writing books and articles, I enjoy singing in my church choir. I also like to write and direct plays for children and church programs and events. I hope to change the world by writing and singing to becoming a better place in which we all live in. I hope to do some more international traveling to other countries such as Brazil, South Africa, and Paris.
About my completed projects:
I wanted to make a contribution toward our annual celebration of Black History in February so I was inspired to write this historical and practical book entitled; The Burden and Blessing of Being Black - The Journey It is a short book for all ages.
love history faith unity lorraine watkins

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