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I enjoy writing. Writing is a tool to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I have been writing since I was very young. Writing helps me to express myself and to learn about my inner consciousness. Words are so powerful, I have to choose them carefully. I have a whole lot to write about and sometimes its difficult to take the thoughts that race through my mind and apply it to paper. I have a lot of great material, I just need to focus more and put it on paper, which I do. But I have I to then go back and organize my thoughts in a good writing style that will hold the readers attention. So I think that the key is knowing how to target your audiences and then write a great book or article that will capture their attention.


I have to look at whats going on in the world today and around me, current events and tell a story about the events and how it affects people like myself in everyday situations. If I go back in time and write about something that has already occurred, the story has to be very interesting to my readers, otherwise, it will be just like journalliing; although there is nothing wrong with journalling at all. Journalling saved my life on many occasions.


i think you have to be a good story teller and have a great imagination and know how to bring characters in your books to life. Imagine being a film producer and the story has already been written and now you have to select characters to fill those story lines and make it exciting and real to your audiences. Thats the same as writing about a story and using your characters to bring life to your book.


I need to organize my thoughts more and use characters in my books.


If you have anything you would to add to my blog, please do so. I wish you all the best with your writing.



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I need help with audio publishing. Has anyone did this before on this page. Let me know the steps I should take to get started. Thank you.

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