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Laney Smith
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United States
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I've always had a passion for writing. Then, one day, something magical happened and words started "falling on me." Lock Creek was born! I write fiction, romantic mystery, specifically. But, in the future, I may step outside of that world, as I have a children's book in the works (which goes along with Lock Creek: Time Capsule Series) and I may have a young adult book or two up my sleeve, as well. For future projects, I'd love to challenge myself and write a ghost story that will have readers sleeping with their lights on. One day! For now, I'm enjoying making people fall in love. The only thing I'm really closed off to is non-fiction involving citations. I loathe citations! Otherwise, you never know what I'll try next, and I love the freedom that gives me.
My interests:
I enjoy spending time with family and friends. When it's time for downtime, nothing makes me feel more alive than the fresh, earthy smell of nature! There's also a lot to be said for standing on the beach. I never get tired of watching the waves roll in and listening to the roaring sound of the earth breathing. Movies! I love watching movies, though I don't do it as often as I would like. I don't watch a lot of television. But, I will watch just about anything that my favorite actor is in (I'm too shy to name names). This ride called life is short! It should be a fun, enjoyable ride! If I think I can do something to make someone laugh, there's a 99% chance I'll do it! Sometimes, you just have to quiet the fear and take the risk! I pretty much live by a quote from the movie, Jerry Maguire. "That's how you become great! Hang your balls out there!" (Metaphorically speaking! And, this does not apply to my actor crush!) I love having things to write on my calendar, but hate the confining feeling of having a filled schedule. I'm also a big fan of psychology and believable ghost stories (Not the staged stuff. Boring!). I LOVE meeting people, but I really do suffer from shyness. So, I have to "pretend" to be confident. And for whatever reason, when I'm nervous, my left eye waters...a LOT! So, there's that rambling list!
About my completed projects:
Lock Creek: Time Capsule Series will always be my favorite! I have three books in the series, with more to come. Derrick Decker is just an amazing character, as are the others. Lock Creek is a beautiful place. And, real life happens to them in this beautiful place. I have contributed to an anthology and the proceeds fron that will go to the American Cancer Society (in honor of my cousin and a very good friend - both cancer survivors). That is a collaborative effort where each author took an apartment (or few) and wrote about the tenants in each unit. You have so many different personalities and writing styles in that book that it's got something for everyone. It's for a good cause, so I hope everyone will pick that up. It is due out sometime in early 2015 and is titled "Tenants of Building 38." I have a children's book that will be coming soon, I hope! It's so different when you need illustrations. But, that should be coming soon. Finally, I have another stand alone book that will be going into edits very soon. It's a story about a cop that goes to work one morning and gets called to his sister's house for a domestic dispute, that results in her death, as well as her husbands. She leaves behind four children and having no other family, "Pete" has to take the children. In one shift, he goes from being a single guy in a small apartment to being the father of four children. It's a fun lovestory/life lessons type story. He's absolutely maddening, but you can't help but love the guy! He's a lot more than you would expect. So, that's another something people can check out. It's called "Pete's Pride" and it should be out around spring or summer.
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My accomplishments:
When I completed and published my first book, "Lock Creek: One Year's Time," Senator Mike Morrell presented me with a certificate at my book launch party. That was pretty amazing. I have been in multiple newspapers, magazines, blogs, and I have even been involved in promotional support for #operation:policelivesmatter. They offer support to law enforcement and their families and try to keep the word with the men and women in blue that there is a lot of respect and appreciation for them. I'm honored to get to be part of that. I will be featured on their Facebook page in February.
Favorite resources:
Writer's groups, fellow authors, thesaurus, and white noise!
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Book signings and Meet and Greets in: Denver, CO Castle Rock, CO Centennial, CO.
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