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Lighthouse24 is a business consultant, trainer, and publishing services provider (cover design, book page layout, formatting, Word doc and PDF troubleshooting, PDF preflight, PDF modification/repurposing and more) with 25+ years of print/publishing industry experience.

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Lighthouse24 replied to Is it possible to edit the interior file without Flash Player 10.2?

"First of all, Adobe Flash Player is a FREE download:   Second, it is required here for"

in Book Interior File Formatting - 4 replies
2 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Hi I'm new here....hope to get some answers

"Rosie1960 wrote: The other day I wrote some stuff about the tax exempt for non US persons, and was in a dilemma since my country Malaysia i"

in Introduce Yourself - 9 replies
2 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Confused about Kindle Royalties

"If you opt for the 70% royalty plan, then yes, delivery charges are deducted from your royalties, and those charges are $0.15/Mb for ebooks"

in Introduce Yourself - 5 replies
2 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Hey? The cover contains text that extends beyond the outside margin and may be cut off during the production process.

"If you have a software tool that will allow you to open the cover, and then select all objects in a wireframe view, this may reveal the prob"

in Book Cover File Formatting - 3 replies
4 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Help with adding contributors

"WittyWordGirl wrote: As far as visual clutter, this is easily solved by the platform (e.g. Amazon) only showing the "important" people (auth"

in CreateSpace Central - 7 replies
4 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Needing input for a inspirational book written by no one special

"Think back to a time when you were at your lowest low and most in need of the kind of guidance and inspiration your book might offer. Honest"

in Create - 6 replies
5 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Same book, cover variations.

"As Stacy mentioned, in the context of CreateSpace print-on-demand this would require different ISBN.   For a traditional offset press run,"

in Formatting - 4 replies
5 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Help with adding contributors

"I concur with Sarah, and would definitely credit those functions on the book's copyright page, but not list the people who performed those f"

in CreateSpace Central - 7 replies
5 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to How Do Authors Do This???

"gcmmkn wrote: I'm writing a history book and I see a rival author has done this so he must be using a service that I don't know of. Possi"

in Create - 10 replies
6 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to Book signing book return question

"When I'm invited to speak at corporate events and receive a similar offer regarding books, it's usually because (1) someone influential in t"

in Offline Marketing - 13 replies
6 days ago
Lighthouse24 replied to full-color illustrated book

"Mems wrote: I'm taking all kinds of YouTube ID courses now Terrific. As you do, make note of the background of the author/instructor and t"

in Getting Started - 12 replies
1 week ago


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