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Maaku replied to Large Print Edition

"awin wrote: I would also consider adding the words "Large Print Edition" to the front cover. In large print."

in Getting Started - 5 replies
16 hours ago
Maaku replied to Why would you not tell this person he cannot write?

"Coy69 wrote:   No one told Picasso that any strokes of his brush were wrong. They only had their commonly heard but short lived opinions."

in Introduce Yourself - 43 replies
2 days ago
Maaku replied to I'm sort-of new at this. anyone else making money at this?

"From time to time we get a run of someone boasting about how much money they are making. Invariably they do not identify their titles.   T"

in Introduce Yourself - 7 replies
2 days ago
Maaku replied to Copy of PDF file

"Of course they could, but I don't think they will.   Better still, download it yourself from the Proof Your Book section of your project"

in CreateSpace Central - 4 replies
5 days ago
Maaku replied to Just For Fun - "Pop Culture" Typography

"I could name quite a few sources, but certainly not all. I am impressed that they span at least half a century."

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5 days ago


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