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Jan 26, 2015
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Jun 3, 2018 5:12 PM
Matteo Bernobich
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Primary creative media:
A combination of media types
Other areas of expertise:
The paranormal, symbolic magic and spiritual healing
My Website:
Me: a 66 year old male that has both researched and used meditation, external spiritual healing energies and techniques for some 40 plus years, starting as most with books and then moving into both introspection with meditation while a Buddhist, then learning to both internalise and externalise my energies in the Spiritualist Church and lastly learning and using symbolic magic and trigger words and actions.
My interests:
Being a grandparent takes up a lot of my time. Love to cook and my garden is once again beginning to be productive. Do play WOW
About my completed projects:
Now have 6 books ranging from philosophy to self help and instruction for those on the spiritual path and a Compendium of poems.
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My accomplishments:
A successful career as an Accountant A loving son that became his parents carer until their passing. Successfully fulfilling my retirement objective of sharing my spiritual knowledge by writing my first book.
Favorite resources:
Websites I find useful:

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