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Jul 28, 2008
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Oct 26, 2018 4:57 AM
Chris McMullen
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United States
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Other areas of expertise:
physics, teaching, chess
My Website:
I'm a physics instructor at Northwestern State University of Louisiana with a strong passion for teaching. I love trying to inspire student interest in physics and motivate students to work diligently, especially students who are not physics majors -- it's a great feeling when non-science majors express interest in physics during or after the course. I'm also very passionate about my writing and publishing hobby. I love to sit down and attempt to create a beautifully formatted book from cover to cover, not just in appearance but also in content. My hobbies include golf, chess, and, of course, reading and writing -- lots and lots of R&W. (No, not R&R. I really can't lie still. I can relax with a Kindle or keyboard in front of me, but lying down doing nothing just doesn't agree with me. So for me, it's R&W.)
My interests:
I enjoy teaching, physics, golf, chess, reading, and writing. I also love discovering self-published work that was masterfully done.
About my completed projects:
A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers provides a wealth of resources for the self-published author, including both CreateSpace and Kindle. The Visual Guide to Extra Dimensions is a treat for anyone who appreciates geometry concepts. My Improve Your Math Fluency series provides good old-fashioned practice to help develop proficiency in arithmetic, fractions, algebra, and trigonometry. I coauthored several word scramble puzzle books with my mom (and a Teen Word Scrambles for Girls book that was written mostly by my daughter and mom). I also have a few golf and chess log books, a conceptual chemistry book, and a basic astronomy book. Most of my books are in paperback, but I also have a dozen for the Kindle, including math flashcard e-books. Variety is the spice of writing.
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My accomplishments:
(1) My children. (2) The students who passed my physics courses. (3) Any readers who may have smiled while reading one of my books.
Favorite resources:
Kindle Fire.
Websites I find useful:
word publishing self math physics teaching astronomy authorship chemistry scrambles

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