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Mar 28, 2013
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Apr 22, 2018 7:58 AM
Edna Juanita White
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United States
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Video, Audio
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Edna J. White with a rich history in the religious sector as an Evangelist and youth community leader, she comes to you from the foundation of Thomasville AL, living here on Long Island with her family of 3 children. Through trial, error and accomplishment she endeavored 12 years as a real estate broker owner while realizing the changes in the market she changed her careers vision to teach ESL in China. During that time, she has written her first published children's book "Friend Learn" that is now being considered by buyers with Toys R Us. She has further written and published 4 other books including her leading title "The Keys to the Kingdom". Her mission in life is to access God's gift of creativity to inspire, touch people's mind, bodies and spirits with love and compassion to bring out their passion to excel in life and business. She has been a guest writer and blogger for many online magazines & continuous to be an expert guest on numerous online radio shows.
My interests:
I learning to enjoy so many things "in the moment at the moment" So please be patient as my interests are underconstruction!!!!!!!!!
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Preview - Check out things that I am working on (2):
Preview - Check out things that I am working on (3):
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Author of 5 books and counting... Travelled to China Advocate for Community Certified Life Coach Mother of 3 Wonderful Children
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eStore, Amazon page or affiliated sites (2):
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My children... AAS in Business Administration AAS in Paralegal Studies BA in Interdisciplenary Studies under construction..........................
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Tony Robbins Queen of our own Lives
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Keep watching and SEE for yourself
author life healing speaker counseling coach

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