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Nathyn Brendan Masters
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A Columbia College Alum, Nathyn Masters has worked on several films collaborating with associates JR2 Productions, a team made up of Chicago indy producer John H. Rogers III and actor John Ross. Masters has done everything from directing, to fight choreography and editing. He completed his first feature "The 4th Beast: Mask of the Antichrist" in 2004 and his second film "Wages of Sin" in 2006. Masters went through Columbia College's film and video program and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts. As of today he has worked on projects with special effects master Anthony Noe, martial artists Jason Walsh, Shawn Bernal and Brian Kung, model/actress and Bacardi girl Wendy George Valasso and digital producer and crimewriter Connie Fillippelli and has taught Final Cut Pro for a semester at Westwood College. Masters became known in the industry by doing something no one said was possible, making an action film under a $1000 and getting distribution. Masters and his "street crew" began shooting January of 2004 and was picked up before the end of the year. Masters hopes to do plenty of films and even has some dramas planned. Masters currently teaches Writing for Multimedia at East West University in Chicago.
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Nathyn Brendan Masters wrote the books "Action Filmmaking" and "The Action Filmmakng Workbook" and edited a book of erotic stories for married couples called "One in the Flesh.
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