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Jul 4, 2014
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Jun 20, 2016 8:25 AM
Patrick Sean Cook
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Everett, WA
United States
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Other areas of expertise:
Near death and life review, UFO encounters, abduction, missing time, shamanism, non-locality of consciousness
My Website:
Patrick Sean Cook has been researching paranormal phenomena and its connections to our past, present and future, for over a decade. A lifetime experiencer of UFO encounters including abduction and missing time. Near-death followed by mini-life review as a child, and manifestations of beings at close quarters, all in a fully conscious state, providing a rare perspective not found elsewhere into what it means to be human. Patrick currently lives in Washington State, where he resides with his wife and two sons.
My interests:
Music, philosophy, ancient world religions, metaphysics, quantum physics, consciousness, UFO encounters, near-death, out of body experiences
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About my completed projects:
Have you ever questioned what happens after death? What it?s like to be out of the body, and the process of the afterlife review? Are memories retained after the body relinquishes control? What is the purpose of physical life? Is consciousness non-local? Are beings from other dimensions visiting this planet now and in distant past? What purpose do they serve and what is their ultimate aim? What does near death and UFO encounters have to do with spirituality and consciousness? A unique perspective on what it means to be human, by one who has experienced many of the mysterious phenomenon man has endured throughout his existence. Some of these include; the near death experience and afterlife review; night time visits from humanoid beings; shape-shifting orbs of light; abduction by a triangle craft and missing time; and various other physical manifestations in extremely close quarters. Most books of this order are dealing with semi-conscious dream states of recall. All personal accounts documented in this book, were from fully conscious memories and experiences, several of which were in the presence of others. Numerous philosophical, spiritual, and scientific works are provided and compared that confront the way you look at reality, awareness & conciseness. Also includes, personal conversations with Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) who is recognized internationally, as one of Australia?s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd and an Advisory Committee member of Exopolitics. Ms. Rodwell's help was instrumental to my comprehension of this many faceted phenomena. This book will challenge everything you ?know? about the reality in which we live.
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My accomplishments:
Author of "Introspections of Contact - Near Death, UFO Encounters & Shamanic Initiation" I wanted to share a 17 page preview of my new book: Introspections of Contact - Near Death, UFO Encounters & Shamanic Initiation. 17 Page Preview - Available for purchase at:
Favorite resources:
Jacques Vallee, Carl Jung, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Terence McKenna, William Bramley, Michael Tellinger, Hazrat Inayat Khan, David Jacobs, Don Juan, Fulcanelli, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Mary Rodwell, Dolores Cannon, Theoretical Physicist David Bohm, John Keel, Michael Talbot, Dr. Karla Turner, Charles Fort, Brian Green.
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Introspections of Contact - Near Death, UFO Encounters & Shamanic Initiation. 17 Page Preview - Available for purchase at:
time of missing death spirituality occult metaphysics ufo nature shamanic near reality consciousness god physics alien orbs knowledge shamanism quantum awareness abduction perception psychosis inter-dimensional para-psychology encounters

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