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May 5, 2013
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Oct 3, 2018 2:47 PM
Michael Fleming
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North Hollywood, Calif
United States
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I guess I'm pretty much shy, because this does not come easy to me. Beginning as one of the first computer programmers in the world (when they were "wind up - LOL." I dropped acid and became a hippie. From a religious Mormon I became a spiritualist. I've been working for the past 40years on spiritual writings, combining many of them with my photography. I've finally decided that there's not a better time to get them out of my files and "out there" than now.
My interests:
Photography, Tarot, Philosophy, Spiritualism, Acting, Building and creating with wood, Travel, (most recently in India, Tibet, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. And most of all, now getting my projects (mostly spiritual), out of my files or boxes, getting them formatted correctly and actually published.
About my completed projects:
Follow Your Heart. The book I'm about to "get out there." Is book tells of what happens to a successful computer programmer who drops acid, sees "god," drops out and becomes a hippie. It follows that first step, which was like like a death/rebirth situation, to several more lives. I like to say that "I've lived several lives in this living."

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