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R. C. Butler
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Software Development, Graphic Arts,
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R. C. Butler is a software developer, graphic artist, freelance writer, and poet. The need to create has been a running theme throughout his life. As a teen, Butler found his outlet in poetry, short stories and architecture, which eventually led to an educational background in software development and graphic arts. The mix of right brain creativity and left brain logic are the drawing factor in his love of the software industry. As an author, he has completed numerous freelance short stories and poems as well as developed and hosted an online writing community. He released his first full length novel, The Order, in November of 2012 and is currently working on the Ellison Frost - Bound erotic mystery series, the first of which was released in June 2015.
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R.C. replied to Help! My newly added books showed up but don't any more

"As there are a number of different publications of this book, your search position will change drasitically based on sales and sales from sp"

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22 hours ago
R.C. replied to My series of 3

"Maybe Amazon just likes me, or perhaps it has to do with the KDP series setup as well as the CS one. I'd contact Author Central and ask beca"

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1 day ago
R.C. replied to My series of 3

"All I had to do was enter a Series Name and Volume Number in CS and KDP, Amazon did the rest and set up the series page which links off the"

in Marketing - 11 replies
1 day ago
R.C. replied to My series of 3

"If you setup the books as a series with meta data for the series name and volume number Amazon will create a series page for the titles. You"

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1 day ago
R.C. replied to Is anyone else having a problem getting on to

"My latest title has been 20 days and is not fully active yet. This is a bit longer than I typically see it  however I haven't looked into it"

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2 days ago
R.C. replied to Brilliant way to ward off negative reviews

"Lighthouse24 wrote:   God would presumably know the author's gender and perhaps use the appropriate singular possessive pronoun -- but ass"

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2 days ago
R.C. replied to Brilliant way to ward off negative reviews

"There is a part of me that would want to leave a poor review after reading this and end it with "if He/She does exist... bring it on!""

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3 days ago
R.C. replied to Warning about exchange rate conversions

"Can you please post a link as I am interested in seing what you speak of, My own books do not seem to have this issue."

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6 days ago


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