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R. C. Butler
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Software Development, Graphic Arts,
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R. C. Butler is a software developer, graphic artist, freelance writer, and poet. The need to create has been a running theme throughout his life. As a teen, Butler found his outlet in poetry, short stories and architecture, which eventually led to an educational background in software development and graphic arts. The mix of right brain creativity and left brain logic are the drawing factor in his love of the software industry. As an author, he has completed numerous freelance short stories and poems as well as developed and hosted an online writing community. He released his first full length novel, The Order, in November of 2012 and is currently working on the first novel of an erotic mystery series, the first of which was released in June 2015.
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R.C. replied to Choosing size & paper type

"5x8 is probably your best option for a shorter book in EDC. The smaller the trim the better in this case (my opinion). Although it adds to t"

in Book Interior File Formatting - 2 replies
9 hours ago
R.C. replied to I am having a cover format issue, any advice?

"Are the white areas margins or between images? Word isn't the best program to use for any type of graphic design, you would be better off cr"

in Book Cover File Formatting - 2 replies
9 hours ago
R.C. replied to Will purchase link change with edits?

"No, all purchase links on CS and Amazon will remain the same.     R. C. Butler - Bulldog Press <br /> Fiction Formatting"

in CreateSpace Central - 2 replies
14 hours ago
R.C. replied to Acknowledgment of minors

"Illegal, not in the U.S. or Canada so long as there is no privacy breach and you're only saying 'thanks so and so.' That said, as they are m"

in Create - 6 replies
15 hours ago
R.C. replied to First Steps? Converting my Kindle book to a paperback

"Crazy life, work and a ton of writing. I've been lurking for a while but haven't had the time to dedicate to the forums. Hoping to get back"

in Formatting - 8 replies
15 hours ago
R.C. replied to Needing some advice.

"The spam is getting out of control on the CS forums. I'm still not sure why they haven't implemented a better form of control. Makes me wond"

in Formatting - 5 replies
15 hours ago
R.C. replied to Distance of binding crease from spine

"You will also not that the crease will be present on some books and not on others depending on the distribution channel used to order. Some"

in Formatting - 5 replies
16 hours ago
R.C. replied to First Steps? Converting my Kindle book to a paperback

"If you are looking for a template to get a feel for formatting style, you will be much better off taking a look at the following link.  "

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16 hours ago


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