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Dec 19, 2009
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Mar 6, 2018 3:01 AM
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Metuchen, NJ
United States
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A combination of media types
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Photography, Film, Editing/Production, Internet radio, magazines, tv
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RoMay is a self published author of Myths, Memoirs and Confessions of an Ex-Felon. He was born and raised throughout his earlier years in Long Island, NY, along with his 4 other siblings. Upon moving to Edison, New Jersey, RoMay grew into a life of crime and was eventually incarcerated for more than 9 years in the federal system. When he was released in 2003, RoMay set in motion his initiatives to educate and alert the world of the perils that result from engaging in crime at an early age. In 2006, he consulted with the Union County Juvenile Probation Department to mentor recently released at-risk youths. Since then, 2 of those youths that he closely worked with have went on to be responsible individuals by maintaining steady employment and currently reaching back into their own communities. During 2008, RoMay co-hosted and produced A Black Man's View, an internet show on Youtube that addressed issues in the community and world. He's also the co-host and producer of SWeT Radio & Raw STEL Radio, internet radio shows, both on blogtalkradio. RoMay, CEO of ZAE Publishing LLC, was a primary subject in a documentary DVD entitled Blacks In NJ that was produced in 2009.
My interests:
reading, writing, graphics, music, poetry, movies, photography
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About my completed projects:
"Myths, Memoirs & Confessions of an Ex-Felon" is an honest account of what a criminal turned ex-convict turned media mogul went through to be respected, valued and accepted in society today after spending a decade in prison. "Ladies, I Know Why You're Single" is a guide accompanied by stories and examples to empower women by taking a firsthand look at themselves and their mistakes to ultimately be in that bright and fruitful relationship that they crave for.
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life love change truth memoirs god hurt pain myths confessions felon jail prison redemption

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