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Mar 9, 2013
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Jan 2, 2015 10:34 AM
Vanessa MintVanDi
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United Kingdom
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English Language and Literature
Some years ago, but not too many, I was born in Athens, Greece, to a couple of jewellery merchants. I studied English Language and Literature in the National Kapodistrian Universiy of Athens. My brother and I both took a leaf out of our parents' book and followed their footsteps into the jewellery industry. It was rather brief for me, though. Literature got the better of me and today, I am a writer. Whenever I don't write, I seek for influences and inspiration among my students, for I am currently working as an English Teacher.
My interests:
Victorian Literature and Poetry, Rock and Metal Music, Tarot Cards
My accomplishments:
As far as producing literature is concerned, I wouldn't define myself as a very prolific writer. I only have my youth to blame, for I look back only to find three books and a couple of poems and short stories I will probably never have the nerve to publish. However, I take pride in everything my imagination and creativity have resulted in. For the time being, I am an English Teacher, and everyone in my shoes with such brilliant students to teach would be equally proud.

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