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Jan 2, 2011
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William Corbett
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United Kingdom
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William Corbett is a maverick. Known for his work as a DJ and photographer, he was never meant to write a book about William Shakespeare let alone turn the Shakespeare myth on its head. Hailing from North London he has been an underground techno DJ, a fashion and rock photographer and now a punk historian extraordinaire. There is no shying away from the truth under Corbett's assiduous gaze, his sharp intellect and precise prose make for stunning, page turning revelations that will kick up some serious dust in the literary and historical worlds. Move over musty old scholars, there's a new kid in town.
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Tudor, Elizabethan and Stuart history, music, photography and film.
About my completed projects:
Can you keep a secret? For nearly four hundred years the world has believed that the actor William Shakespeare was the greatest writer that has ever lived. The world was wrong. A chance discovery by an independent researcher has finally thrown up the proof that the world has been waiting for. In this startling biography of the Master of the Ceremonies we discover for the first time the traces left by the hand of ?Shakespeare?- Lewes Lewkenor was a recusant Catholic at the heart of Elizabeth I?s court, spying for Lord Burghley and a member of an elite literary coterie. Follow Lewes from the halls of Cambridge to the Inns of Court and on to the war in the Low Countries, where he serves as a soldier in the catholic forces of the Duke of Parma; making him a traitor? or a spy. Finally we have found the author that the world and the works deserve. The greatest story never told. Until now.
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