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Keeping a writing journal

Posted by Sherlock1 Feb 1, 2018

As an independent writer, I am always looking for ways to streamline my writing.  A writer never knows when a good idea is going to hit, and it's not always possible to get to the computer when the writing muse is tapping on our shoulders.

One of the most valuable tools that I have (not counting my laptop) is a writing journal.  My journal is just that, a leatherbound notebook that I use to keep notes on stories in progress, ideas for future novels, outlines, and research notes.  This allows me to keep track of my ideas between computer writing sessions.  And since I can't always carry my laptop with me, this journal is the next best thing.

I keep my journal in sections, each section marked with mini postit notes.  The sections might include "scratch notes" (ideas that might or might not work out), general ideas for future novels, chapter notes and outlines, areas I need to research and what websites that will help me with my research, and goals for my writing and marketing.

A writing journal doesn't have to be anything fancy.  It can be leatherbound, like mine, or it can be something simple like a Steno pad.  The important thing is that, as writers, we can keep our thoughts organized and be able to write down our ideas before the pressures of every day life leads us to forget them.

Lets face it; most of us lead very busy and active lives.  We might not be able to sit at our computers and write as often as we'd like.  But if we can journal our ideas when we get them, our writing journal might just help us whennever we DO get the time.

Happy writing!!!!

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