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Aug 3, 2016
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T. Lindsey-Billingsley
United States
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Business Marketing
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"I'm a science-fiction enthusiastic, and a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I wouldn't call myself fanatical, but rather enthralled by sci-fi and its plausibility." -T. Lindsey-Billingsley
About my completed projects:
Nadine's Bible: This is the story of an advanced race of warrior women that reside on the dark and secret side of Venus, unseen from the earth and Mars. Their Creator Mother salvaged their lives during the Creator Father's catastrophic flood of earth. These female immortals and their many descendants have since grown strong and powerful, as they wait for their moment to take dominion over the earth...once more. But, the immortal sons residing deep within Mars, will not stand idly by.
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on proof bible documentary and in the of black life how people lost x real history esoteric ancient ufo angels end world theory shapeshifters freemasonry illuminati underground york hollywood demons evolution aliens earth moon city alien government conspiracy knowledge dr 21 human are who were races planet atlantis built pyramids cloning created agenda bigfoot creatures types genesis hollow centers mar annunaki agharta reptilian astronaut malachi pleiadians disclosure clones cities kushites sightings mythical nibiru lemuria

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