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Nov 6, 2012
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Mar 27, 2018 5:56 PM
Andre Harville
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Philadelphia, PA
United States
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Art, music writing poetry and photograhpy
The Poet 365 is a phenomenal poet whose work spans the globe and decades of time, life, love, struggles and change as a writer, artist, photographer, a father and a human being. His work is spiritual, political, sensual, sexual, logical, philosophical, passionate, rational, powerful beauty and divine, his words are rapture. His poetry is exotic, erotic, the essence of poetic justice hard and truthful, his work is medicine, therapy, religion, vision and history. The Poet 365 also known as The Poet Akili (AH KEE LEE) a prolific writer who has put together a collection of captivating poems, now being published online. born in the cultural decades of assassinations, the sexual revolution, birth control, Feminism and gay rights. He has lived through the psychedelic era of art, drugs & music, war, antiwar, the civil rights movements for African-Americans and the Spanish speaking multitudes.
My interests:
If my poetry means anything It's Lady Day, Miles, Mingus and John Coltrane, My poetry is like dancing in the dark in the rain It's the medicine that keeps me from going insane. It is Life that full of death, pain, snow, sunshine, joy and rain. Yet, Life brings love and happiness and new birth. I choose the sunshine over the pain Instilled in my brain. When life knocks me down my poetry lifts me up again.
About my completed projects:
My life in the sunshine; This book is a phenomenal in-depth journey through life and the inner workings of love, pleasure & pain as seen through the eyes of a revolutionary mind. An account of lifes Deep heart wrenching experiences in poetry that will ease the soul and quenches the thirst of the heart. Penetrating the mind with conflict, resolution and injustice while beholding the beauty of love, passion and life. The scope of the book spans the globe and covers decades of, struggles and change as the writer, artist, photographer and human being shares his spiritual, political, sensual, sexual, logical, philosophical, passionate and rational experiences.
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My accomplishments:
The Poet 365 is a prolific artist, a designer, photographer and writer who has experienced the world in many colors and climates through the arts, media history and poetry. The Poet 365 has witnessed great architecture, the space race, great marvels in science and amazing medical achievements.
relationships romance help sex poetry life love woman heart women reality truth mind conflict hurt pain emotions man men soul beauty fatherhood joy revolution lies philosophical birth trust injustice achievements pleasure manhood

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