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Jul 11, 2011
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Laurel Marie Sobol
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United States
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A combination of media types
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Art Books Photography Poetry Blogs
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About the author: Laurel Marie Sobol is an inspirational author and illustrator of fine art. She believes that a healthy world equates to healthy inhabitants. Thus her art and literary works are geared toward the appreciation of earth, sustainability, green, recycling, reducing waste, and using natural forms of energy that don't contaminate the earth for thousands of years like nuclear energy. Laurel is an advocate for wildlife and nature for it is these innocent creations that can't speak for themselves to better their circumstances on this earth. The animals and plants need protection just as humans do for healthy living and longevity. The ideal world involves human and nature interaction and appreciation. If you take one away from the other neither will be fully functional and adjusted. Humans without a healthy natural environment can't be at their best. Nature without human assistance can't be at its best either. Join a cooperative effort and appreciation of humans, wildlife and nature and voila the ingredients are there for a healthy relationship for everyone and everything in the world.-Laurel Marie Sobol
My interests:
My family; Healthy Earth Healthy Inhabitants, Educating About Chemtrail Nuclear Waste GMO's and Nuclear Waste Byproducts Fluoride: These Items Cause Genocide to Earth Inhabitants: Fluoride Used To Sterilize and Placate and GMO's Added Starve Population Through Mal Nutrition Disease and Demise. Time to clean the world of profiteers who would do anything for money over populations
Preview - Check out things that I am working on:
Preview - Check out things that I am working on (2):
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Laurel Marie Sobol Participates in these Areas, Groups, Activities, Plus~ National Geographic Basecamp Panel: NG Basecamp Technorati! Writer and Admin. Technorati! Blogcritic Google Groups World Heart Beat~Admin Yahoo! Groups! Healthyworldhealthypeople Writer and Admin Mulitpurpose Blogger: Art/Literature/Videos/Photography/Sports and Automobiles/More Art Collector Art Critic Literature Collector and Critic Maestro Artisto,Photographer,and Libre Advocate for Mother Nature,All Creatures Great and Small "Healthy World Healthy Inhabitants," Laurel's famous moving words of wisdom she lives and breathes by...inspirational words of life and living
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Every day I do my best to live life to the fullest, live life like every day is the best day of my life, and appreciate every day like it is my day! I go propelled through my day on the power of God, without who's strength, I'd have no wind in my sails, no electricity in my heart and no brainwave in my mind. I know who drives my world and every day I try to give back a portion of what God gives to me every day back into the world where I live.
Favorite resources:
Quigong; Yoga; Music; Great Classic Reads and my own literature; I love to listen to Hawaiian music, classical greats, Muse, Arcade Fire, Jazz, Cold Play, Greatful Dead and tons more variations of music while I write, paint, and live.
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Books rolling off the Kindle and Amazon press like there's no time to lose...I have a plethora of books, ideas, and dreams to publish and it's just a matter of time and nothing else to stop the production. Amazon and Kindle rock!
books art book and of stories poetry life adventure literature nature world culture tales fairy series fine animal great national global ethics parks wilderness; family; finesse; warming;

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