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Oct 7, 2010
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Aug 9, 2018 1:05 AM
Ping Makarsky
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United States
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Chinese language books publishing
My Website:
Ping Makarsky is an experienced Mandarin teacher and professional editor and author on the subject of online teaching and Chinese language e-book writing. Her website,, provides lots of free Chinese teaching programs. Her recently published book on createspace "Easy Learning : Chinese Characters" is a great resource for anyone who are interested in learning Chinese writing.
My interests:
My personal interests is teaching Chinese language, especially Chinese characters. I did lots of research on the development of Chinese characters and special ways to master them. I enjoy teaching kids at the Chinese school, especially when teaching them how to write Chinese characters. Feel accomplished when my students can read and write Chinese.
Preview - Check out things that I am working on:
About my completed projects:
Easy Learning : Chinese Characters (ISBN: 9781456416348) --paper version published by CreateSpace
Links to articles & press coverage about my work:
My accomplishments:
ebooks on AppleChineseOnline: (1)Master Chinese Pronunciation (Pinyin) free teaching programs (2)New Chinese 900 Series (3)Practical Chinese Daily Dialogue (sound embedded)+free teaching program (4)Chinese Grammar e-books(color highlighted ebook, no sound) (5)Practical Chinese Grammar (6)Common Chinese Words that are Often Confused (7)Apple Chinese Character Handwriting (8)Tourist Chinese (sound embedded) + free audio lessons (9)100 Commonly Used Chinese Two-part Allegorical Sayings(sound embedded) + free audio lessons (10)100 Commonly Used Chinese Proverbs(sound embedded) + free audio lessons (11)Popular Chinese Slang
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Websites I find useful:
characters online learn chinese madarin

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