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The Belvedere Clinic
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The Belvedere Clinic
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The Belvedere Private Hospital, established in 1985, is set in its own extensive grounds with delightful landscaped gardens. The Hospital has been providing private medical care for twenty years. Based in the suburbs of London, on the borders of kent, The Belvedere are very accessible for potential cosmetic surgery customers living in Greater London, Kent, Essex, Maidstone, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and even Isle Of White. Once inside you cannot fail to be impressed with the warmth of your welcome and the quiet efficiency of the highly professional staff, who are committed to the concept of individual patient care.
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How To Find The Cosmetic Surgeon That Can Resolve Your Problems You should explain all your health conditions and medical history to your cosmetic surgeon for him to be able to offer personalized healthcare. It's helpful to jot down the questions you want to ask during your next surgeon's appointment. If you don't like your present surgeon, consider these tips to find a new one. There're Medical Boards in every state that have been created to assist patients who might have complaints about their current cosmetic surgeon. If you feel that you have had inadequate of inappropriate care from a surgeon you have the right to report it to your local Medical Board. Any negligence or malpractice that you have suffered will likely be thoroughly investigated by the board and addressed sufficiently, as they have full authority on this matter. Medical records need to be kept for a certain amount of time per the law, but it is vital to have them for your continued health. It's helpful to know your cosmetic surgeon's record retention policy in case you need to have yours trasnferred to another health care provider. You should note that many places charge for copies of your medical records, but you should absolutely incur this expense to have copies of your own info. Talk with the office manager about how long medical records are kept and what the charge would be for personal copies. We all want our cosmetic surgeons to be extremely competent and experienced, but we also want them to be kind and emotionally supportive. Age can also be a crucial consideration for some patients. Since they have the experience, older surgeons are often the first choice- but they may not be aware or accepting of the new technology available. Younger surgeons are ready to accept new tech to do certain testing for diagnostic purposes or other medical procedures. If a medical practitioner has experienced legal issues in the past, it really doesn't necessarily mean he or she's not qualified. Be certain to carefully research any details about a cosmetic surgeon's legal problems before you consult with him or her. And you ought to be conscious of how many legal problems this medical practitioner dealt with. Having a surgeon you could trust is certainly worth a little research. It is vital to have a cosmetic surgeon that's well-trained to provide you with your needs. Be sure to find out where your surgeon graduated from so that you can check to be sure it's a reputable one. Also, look online for patient reviews and complaints about your surgeon. You should report a surgeon who can't provide any proof of his training and license to the local medical board and look for a new one.
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