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Feb 1, 2011
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May 22, 2018 4:10 PM
Daniel H. Wieczorek
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Other areas of expertise:
Photography, mountain climbing, hiking
My Website:
Born 1947, Ionia Michigan. Ionia High School Graduate - 1965 Univ. of Michigan Graduate - Dec., 1969 Univ. of Alaska - Fairbanks Graduate - 1990 U.S. Peace Corps - Philippines - 1985 - 1987 First Career - Forest Management - 1970 - 1985 2nd Career - Teaching English (TESOL) in S. Korea and then in Japan - 1992 - 2014
My interests:
I am an avid photographer, love hiking and mountain climbing, watching DVD movies, bicycling and other stuff outdoors. Have no interest in general sports - for example - baseball, football, basketball, soccer and so on.
About my completed projects:
Have completed several books, mainly photographic type books. Please see this webpage, which lists all of our publications:
eStore, Amazon page or affiliated sites:
eStore, Amazon page or affiliated sites (2):
photography japan nature flowers mountains

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