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Last time, we discussed about netbook must haves. The article got us thinking if it would still be possible to bring those accessories when traveling. Some adventurers may be wondering what the best peripheral to carry along with their bulky laptops. I know many of you would agree that laptop along won’t work.


No worries.


The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile accessories and laptop paraphernalia based in Taiwan has the following know-hows on what everybody should know about accessories fit for traveling taken from reviews of our traveling clients:


1.       Electrical Converters and Adapters


While traveling overseas, it cannot be avoided that international differences may also change voltages and there may even be different sizes and shapes of plugs. For instance, when you are in the United States or Canada, 110-volt electricity is used while the rest of the world uses 220-240 volts. While this is an issue in many appliances, most modern laptops ran on both 110 and 220 volts. If your computer only runs on 110 volts, you'll need to purchase a converter to prevent damage to your machine. Even if you don't need a converter, you will most likely need an adapter to enable your plug to fit into the local outlet. Almost every country has one or more adapters that may be unique or that it shares with a few close neighbors.


2.       Wireless Notebook Cards to Ethernet Cables


Most hotels geared toward business travelers offer some form of Internet access, whether it's high-speed or wireless. Call ahead to determine what will be available so that you know what equipment you'll need to bring with you. If your laptop doesn't have an internal wireless network adapter, you can buy a wireless notebook card from any computer supplier. Just make sure not to buy from black markets of Cambodia or Jakarta, Indonesia. You might regret using fraud cables and cards.


3.       Surge Protection


You should have the same surge protection electrical strip on your laptops like you have in your desktop computers. There are countries which have less reliable electrical delivery and in cases like these; having these protections are mostly important. You'll need one for whichever voltage you'll be using; surge protectors for 110- and 220-volt currents are not interchangeable.


4.       Carrying Case


Carrying your laptop around without a case would expose it to more risk no matter how careful you are. A sturdy padded carrying case can save you from complaints and keep you from spending on unnecessary expenses.

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