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You’ve gotten all your school supplies- but are you prepared for the school year? Help your kid succeed this year:  better grades, less stress, help your kid to succeed, confidently and happily. Whether you just want a bit of extra support, or your kid has never liked school or done well- The Naturally Smarter Kid will give you insights so your kids can tap into their true potential and excel this year.


Help your child become the successful, smarter student, you want them to be


Emotional mental and nutritional health all play a role in helping you and your child to become mindful and empowered, and able to achieve maximum success while feeling happy and relaxed.


This book will help you to help them succeed. You will understand the educational system in a way that allows you to become a powerful advocate for your kids. And you will learn what YOU can actually DO, both at school and at home-- that can completely change your child's attitude and success. This book is filled with information, practical advice, and teaching strategies you can use immediately


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Cafe' of hungry ghosts

Posted by horsewisevt Aug 20, 2015




latest book is out.  full length fiction.  supernatural coming of age story, that also touches on social justice issues and environmental issues/ topics.



story is about the ancient line of inca shaman, and the need to heal the male-aggressive energy that is out of control in our modern culture. It takes place here in VT


American by Birth, Inca and Mexican by heritage: Wayra struggles to navigate through college, life, and the Universe: all balanced against her destiny as a powerful shaman. Everything seems as balanced as any teens life ever really is... until a chance encounter opens up a ***** between dimensions. Wayra becomes the target for forces that have been drawn by all the violence, anger and aggression on our planet. Whatever ?it? is- it feeds on it... and it's HUNGRY... Wayra?s life will be forever changed by the invisible Wind blowing through the cosmos...





I'd like to get some readers and reviewers soon- because if I sign up for KDP, then free giveaways aren't as easy to manage. message me about reviewing and i will happily send a pdf file:)



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getting a handle on happy3.jpg



Getting a Handle on Happy


We all want to have successful happy relationships.  We want to enjoy each and every day.  We all know that amazing feeling when things just click.  Things go smoothly and just flow.  Before we can have those really great relationships, we need to learn what it means to be happy.  And we need to resolve the things that sabotage our happiness.  A lot of those things are actually really easy to fix, too! It’s all about knowing what to look for, what to change, and finding out what you really want…Getting a Handle on Happy- brings you through all this easily and smoothly.

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Getting a handle on happy, FREE today and tomorrow on amazon! check it out! share with your friends, too! free promotional offer



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like what you read?  help out independent authors by leaving a review after:)





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latest book just finished.  check out

Getting a Handle on Happy:

getting a handle on happy3.jpg


Our Fast-paced modern culture has forgotten a basic Truth.  Happiness  and well-being are intrinsic to Human Nature In other words- being HAPPY is you birthright.  This book will support you in getting back on track, naturally. .Getting a Handle on Happy uses two approaches to emotional and mental health.  It combines aspects of healing, and addresses biological aspects of health and nutrition. ! Getting a  handle on Happy, teaches you basics of nutrition - and specific  information that directly affect happiness and  mental health. It also teaches traditional ancient healing techniques,  to help you gain insights into the patterns of disruption in your Life.   The book guides you through exercises to help resolve these old or hidden that create disruption in your life and interfere with your well-being.  Then you can move forward toward greater happiness.

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alzheimer book cover 2a.jpg



Do you have, know or take care of someone who suffers from Alzheimer's?  If the answer is ?Yes,? then you know you are facing a complete life-changing event.  Most of today's major diseases are no longer death-sentences.  But in mainstream medicine, little has changed for the Alzheimer's patient.  The future is bleak and becomes progressively darker.


This does not have to be the case.  Life is going to change.  That part cannot be altered.  But it IS possible to choose HOW it is going to change. It is possible to minimise and reverse many of the presenting symptoms of this disease.  By taking charge, making a commitment to nutritional and dietary and life-style changes, it is possible to maintain a healthy, active and engaged lifestyle.


Holistic and Practical Support for Alzheimer's /Dementia will help you learn dietary and nutritional strategies to support the well-being, happiness and mental clarity.  Learn about the role of nutrition, toxins in the body, and supplements.  Taking these simple steps can minimise deterioration and in some cases even help to reverse it! It can help maximise cognitive function and minimise stress and emotional ups and downs.


You will also learn behavioural strategies, specifics for supporting and improving cognitive function.  This book is filled with tips and strategies for diet, exercise and activities, as well as holistic support.


This book is written toward the moderate stage Alzheimer or dementia patient or person.  But it will serve the mild to severe patient just as powerfully.  It is also intended to be a support mechanism for the caregivers, with the supports in this book intended equally to support the well-being of the caregiver as much as the Alzheimer/Dementia  family member, patient or client.


Holistic and Practical Support for Alzheimer's / Caregivers also contains worksheets and guides to help the reader along their way.  There is also a video series available for those wishing for additional support.


This is a special holiday introductory offer.  Prices will go up after the Holidays!


Get it now for 3.99 on Amazon Kindle

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alzheimer training cover art1.jpgRecently, as I have been offline, so to speak- developing my Alzheimer training course- I have been doing a lot of reading, talking and discussion about various strategies for proactive programs to work with Alzheimer and dementia patients-- particularly as they are progressing into the moderate to severe stages of the conditions.


I  have been reading and discovering through my own work, what an impact exposure and seemingly low-impact things.. can have in the support of brain... and more... what I refer to as " being present."


We CAN improve and change our circumstances. All too often, it seems, a diagnosis/condition like Alzheimer/dementia... is what cancer had been 40 years ago, a sealed fate, at which the patient was at the mercy of... granted with most cancer protocols... the patients have higher survival rates, but still within the mainstream paradigm, rather than more of the self-empowerment ( which is my gig/shtick:), of... what do I need to know, change, and do ( differently:)....


I think a lot can and could... and more importantly, NEEDS to be done, proactively and holistically, with a population that is now- in the west- quickly approaching the age where this is going to become an epidemic issue. This is even more true, given the degradation of our lifestyle and health, in comparison to our current seniors lived in terms of health and lifestyle ( our parents generations)...


The moderate to severe population of Alzheimer/ dementia also seems to be one of those overlooked populations.. where- once they are no longer able to advocate for themselves.. that less and less is done for them in terms of "rescue" and more energy is put into keeping comfortable, modifying moods, and " slowing progression"... which is admitting defeat before the battle, so to speak. Rather, I think it would be good to see.. a shift into a mindset that says: we need to work HARDER.. to recover ground... just like learning disabled students should be pushed harder ( with correct supports) to CLOSE that gap... before it is too wide to cross ( usually around 7-8th grade)... and the student "gives up" any hope of being a student.. and becomes the failure, class clown, etc.


Anyway- I think with alzheimer's and dementia, also.. it is imperative that we work HARDER and SMARTER... to try to recover lost ground and bring as much back as possible, and maintain a routine and regiment that supports optimal brain function. The current model of.. status quo and slow decline... just won't cut it, as more and more of the baby boomer population become part of those rising statistics.



What I found when working with client at a BoneBuilders exercise class.. the first time there was a good degree of trepidation, and within the first 20 or so minutes, the stress level heightened.. and I respected and honoured that- working more on the long-term results than the immediacy. I diverted and reassured a few times.. but understood and intuited what the actual limit was. We left early, in good stead, as she made farewells to the group and the group was very positive and supportive even upon her exit.


The following time-- the time frame lengthened and the stress was less. After about 3-4 visits.. she was able to stay for the duration. Each time the stress decreased, her enjoyment was high. the difference here though, may be that there is higher interaction.. where she would "chatter" and people were very supportive. Each week she learned-remembered more and more of the routines. and although i was mentoring her through all of them, lifting-coaching an arm or leg etc... she was willing and over time, helped more and more- beginning to do a good portion of it with the coaxing-prompting of my holding, stretching etc,.


SO, based on my own client experiences with Bone-builders classes in VT- my thought was. how could this be applied to yoga or other environments: where the setting is a little more specialised and accommodating. It would seem to me, in a regular yoga class that others may find the random 'chatter" distracting and a nuisance- even if being supportive of the other person... they ultimately are there for their own experience. hence my thought about a niche-based program... where mentors worked client-students through routines, that were a little more social-supportive oriented than a traditional yoga class might be, did that make sense?


I think the mild Alzheimer/dementia patient probably could do well, but what about that next level- a population that seems very under-served...? I think it could be extremely beneficial- if, especially as a few of you have noted.. the lifestyle-dietary changes that often accompany self-awareness journeys;)


Maybe there needs to be a specialised niche within the niche.. where a yoga or exercise program can be developed, geared toward moderate to advanced patients.. In this instance each client-student-patient is working with a "mentor" to teach their BODY... the motions.. which goes into muscle memory, and informs the brain... In this way, new pathways can be built.. the brain oxygenates etc and can begin to receive the various benefits that yoga can impart... plus, it is social.. it is brain stimulation-- any time we learn/ experience something new... the brain benefits:)...




I think that the benefits of yoga -- or other social exercise groups-- to mind, body and spirit! so long as the environment is such that the level of ability, is always monitored by the "mentor" and gives breaks ( step out for a walk or bathroom etc).. so that, like a special needs classroom.... there is a more relaxed focus on curriculum, so to speak, and more on the emotional-mental of the student:)


If you like this article, or know someone who is working with, or struggling with Alzheimer or dementia- please check out my video-based training program:  Holistic and Practical support for Alzheimer's and Caregivers.   There is an added Introductory offer:  1 hour free consultation session via google, skype or phone to the next 10 members to sign up.

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I know I have been ?offline?  a good  bit lately.  But, that is because I have been working on developing  video training series  for Alzheimers:  Practical Tips and Tools for  Caregivers, Family Members, and Practitioners


I have just completed and am about to launch:  Holistic and Practical Support for Alzheimers.   This series is designed to provide support for family members,  caregivers and practitioners who work with alzheimers patients or  clients- or live with a family member.  the series is broken down into  nine sections -over 140 minutes of information on diet and nutrition,  detoxing the body and the GUT, vitamins and minerals, herbs and  supplements, exercise, behavioural support, cognitive support and  caregiver support.


right now I am offering a special introductory offer of 49.00


so check out the series and feel free to share this with anyone you know who works with alzheimers or has an alzheimer family member.


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100_3747Autumn is  one of those times of the year that seems to bring on deep reflection.  Maybe it’s the leaf-musty slightly damp weather that holds something of  both warmth and sadness. A wistfulness intrinsically woven through the  mist that loops its magic fingers into the sleepy world.



I’m not  sure why how this question came to me… I think it was a combination of a  song lyric that I had just heard… something about being near the end… I  think the lyric went; this is where we start again. But my wandering  thoughts, following the random nature of the autumn mist- took their own  turn. If this is the end… or near the end… was it worth it? That was a  thought-stopping question, for me. I don’t know.  while Recovering from  bubonic-flu plague, is probably not the best time to contemplate  deep-meaning questions…. but there it was….



As a  medicine person, part of the training I went through ( not all people  take identical training- and I am grateful for the mentors and teachers I  had), one of the areas we spend 6 months working with intensely, is  what we refer to as “Death Rites.” We do in fact, learn the underlying  concepts of helping people ( and animals) cross, when it is their Time,  learning how to help discern IF it is their time, and supporting all  involved in the process of someone’s death-journey. However, before we  do that… we were rigourously trained in taking on aspects of our own  death-journey.



One of my  teachers framed it this way; if Death showed up, and tapped you on the  shoulder, right NOW… Are you ready to go? The point of this, is to push  us to resolve anything that is still lingering. We were taught to make  sure, and to go through the process, of any unspoken “ I love you’s,”  “I’m sorry’s,” and “goodbyes.” Cleaning house, on an energetic and  emotional level. It is a very cathartic process, of re-capitulating an  entire life: looking back on it, and examining it with eyes that are  searching to create closure and resolution. To make peace with anyone  and anything, that might be the equivalent of “ bad karma,” the kinds of  things, when we really think about and consider– we don’t want to  follow us, or to have to deal with later. Much like a sink full of  dishes pile of laundry, there comes a point when you know it’s time to  wash them and put them away. They are messy, taking up space, and get in  the way of creativity and progress in your own life.



However,  all of this work… none of these questions is quite the same as having to  ask: Was it worth it? The first question, is kind of like writing the  story, and wanting to make any changes to the script. The second  question… is more like assessing the value and quality of the script as a  whole. Is it “done?” And, does it have value? The image that comes to  my mind, is something like Tolkien’s the Hobbit, where Frodo closes the  book, the book of his story….both Bilbo and Frodo have had, told and are  satisfied with their stories… their part in the bigger story is done.  And they are both satisfied, content. There is closure. So, if I were  closing that metaphorical book, my book… would there be a satisfaction  and closure there? Or, if say when we continue on our post-life  journey…. and I ran into a tourist, looking for a place to visit– would  Earth and Life… by on my list of recommendations? What would I have to  say about this place and time?



Was it  worth it? Did I figure out the important questions? Unfortunately, the  life-journey is not like a school program. There is no quiz at the end.  No one to tell us if we pass, or fail, or what the deeper meaning and  bigger picture mean. Did I figure out the Life Question? Did I figure  out the my-life question? And how those two meet to co-create the path  and story that I have woven? What is the measure of success? A life  well-lived?



What about  you? Have you had any of the hard-questions ever hit you? The one you  know you really don’t have the answer for? The one you use when you have  your assessment-moments?  What is your tough life-question? Share them  in the comments below;)



Dancing in Your Bubble ebook only 7.95 - Click here to Get Your Copy Now.

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What IS Spirituality?

Posted by horsewisevt Jul 29, 2013

spiritual and spirituality, spiritual but not religious….


Buzz terms that are all over these days.  But spirituality is one of  those vague terms, like the term healing– which I will address in a  later posting topic– a vague term, in that there doesn’t seem to be a  real tangible definition… but many people use the term spiritual to  define their outlook or approach to life.

I use it a lot myself.  And I realised today, that I’ve acquired a  “sense of the word,”  without ever really codifying it for myself.  I  have done this a lot with Quechuan terms, such as ayniAyni is a term that I love, and use a lot.  It is the cornerstone of the  Andean and Peruvian cosmology.  But it is a word for which there is no  direct translation. The word spiritual is beginning to feel like this  kind of foreign word, when I try to pin it down.  Does that make sense?   Just like Ayni…

I remember struggling with the word-concept Ayni, when I was a  student.  People would use it, and my brain would try to create a  translation or understanding, according to words and definitions that  worked in western discourse.  It vaguely translates as balance– but has  much deeper and subtler nuance than that, having to do with reciprocity  and sacred harmony. ‘there IS no word in English that translates, and  even conceptually.  It is a term y you develop an entirely new  relationship with- unable to import any word or concept already in  existence.  You can try to equate the term to something you already  understand– but that doesn’t always work.  Often, words are something  that we learn to “grok,”  wrap our understanding around, without ever  having the distinct and clear definition to accompany them.

That is what deep-language, or fluency really means.  An innate  understanding of language and usage.  of course this doesn’t apply to  the common mis-usages and applications of words.  But other than that-  when someone says  something, or uses an expression- we understand the   context and implication of what they are expressing.

So- spirituality is a word that is emerging as one of those words.   People use it a lot these days, but it has yet to find that commonly  understood definition.,

Okay, so I am now giving a lot of thought to this question.  I’m  finding is more slippery than I had anticipated.  I want to avoid  resorting to textbook definitions for now.  I’ll be curious to see what  dictionaries offer as a way of explanation.

What does it mean to be spiritual, or to have a spiritual practice? I  am referencing this now, outside of any religious connotations or  parameters.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person.

To be spiritual: to develop and maintain a connection to a higher  power? this could be Nature, a religious belief or deity, or whatever  one perceives as Source?  but by this definition- can an atheist be  considered spiritual?

So, the definition needs to be expanded, to include ones inner or higher self, rather than anything external as a higher power…

So this concept of connection to”something”.. works.


How does it play out? What does it mean to live a spiritual life?   What does spiritual practice look like?   What does it mean, in terms  owe live or lives?


If we say that it is about consider the bigger picture, or the  greater good- is that spiritual, or moral?  Or is morality a component  of being spiritual?

Is it about maintaining a practice of relaxation and grounding- and how is this different than “stress reduction?”

Is it about how we receive information, and how we process it? ie,  meditation and prayer? And if so, how is this different than a religious  practice?

What does spiritual mean to you? And what does that look like?


Please share your thoughts comments and interpretations below.


click here to listen to audio podcast:




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Meet Teri video clip

Posted by horsewisevt Jul 26, 2013

again, minor problems with JING screen capture software ( or removing the JING at the beginning:).  also learning to be careful/aware of camera angle and sun position.  but I had a great experience finding a solid speaking voice!

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I;m still plqaying around and figuring out video capture software- but not a bad first time out on making a video:)

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Beingherd- weekly podcast and blog post-transcript







I  want to touch more deeply on the topic of PLAY. Ideally PLAY and  creativity should be connected, should be tapping the same place.  The  difficulty we have in western/ modern society, is that we don’t really   play.  We are very disconnected from that place, of playing.  There is  an excellent book, playing by heart- that touches on this topic in more  depth. But essentially, we don’t play.  We recreate. We have structured  activities, structures games that have outcomes, rules, and  expectations. And even though we play games they have structure and a  goal, of wining. And that isn't really playing... it's competition.  Why do we think of this as "fun?"

I think, in our culture, it has created a paradigm that associates playing, and winning.  We need to win in order to have the satisfaction of playing.   When in fact, playing, in and of itself has no expectation and  outcome.  The difference being, when we play with an expectation of  outcome, we put a stress on it. There is an anxiety, an expectation.  Genuine playing has no parameters.  Its’ colouring outside the lines.  It’s not meeting  external or internal expectations. There is no  assessment.   There’s no time frame and it is not a reward. Playing in  and of itself is the reward.

A  little kid might follow a butterfly for an hour, following it from  flower to flower. That is the action of playing.   It is engaging.  It is being present in the moment,  being caught up in wonder.  Colouring- not because you want to be an artist, but  because you just like the colours. 

Playing  when it is a reward or a punishment, or parameters are set onto it…  stifles creativity.  When we say: okay, I will do this this, and this,  and then I will play.  Or, if we say, I will play for 10 minutes, and  then I need to do my work.  What we do, when we do this, is we separate  out the significant elements of the function of play, as though it is  not integral to everything we do.   There are a lot of inspirational,  advice people, guru’s etc.. and the essential message from many of them  is—if you love what  you do, then your job is not work- tedious and  painful.  More or less. 

When  you bring your passion and enthusiasm into your work, when that  creative and play-aspect is incorporated into the rest of our lives, we  look forward to going to work.  It is fun, pleasant and we are engaged  on all our levels.  So one thing that will really serve us,  is if we  can learn how to tap back into that aspect of our creativity and play,  into the things we are doing.  For children this is instinctive and  automatic.  Kids, cleaning their room might pretend the toys on the  floor need rescuing from shark infested water.  As parents, we engage  our children with play in order to accomplish things.  Getting a baby to  open his mouth for the airplane, in order to eat his/ her dinner… As  children we engage in play, and as adults- we utilize play aspects in  order to engage our children into cooperation.  And yet, as adults, we  ourselves, are separated from that aspect.  There is no creativity- it  is supposed to be “work.”

It  stops being fun. Sometimes  through listening to that intuitive place,  we realize we are disconnected from play- which  involves a job change.  Because what we are doing isn’t play. This is a scary place to be.   Hearing WHAT that inner voice has to say, truths that make us  uncomfortable.  And often, we don’t want to hear it, and we stifle it.  We end up in places that does not feed our passion.  The work we are doing doesn’t have a reward. So the part of us that  wants to be engaged feels like it is being punished.  Being stifled.  Being pushed aside. Just like a little kid. Mommy doesn’t have time  now.  Mommy’s busy.  Ask me later.  That little kid is always being  pushed aside, pushed aside. That little kid that wants to be connected  and be part of your life, goes away.  So a lot of us, as adults, need to  re-nurture that relationship, bring that connection back on  board..gently.  But it’s not going to be right there and jump back into  your life at maximum power. Just like a little kid, it’s going to peek  around the corner: hesitant, reluctant, unsure- ‘do you really want me?’  is this going to last very long, or are  you going to change your mind  and send me back to sit in the corner again?

So building that relationship, as though building a relationship with a child.   And building a relationship with that inner-child, brings that creativity and intuition back on board,  gives you vision.  And those are very powerful tools that you want to  have.  And we will have them, whenever we want or need to utilize them. 

But, like that child-relationship, there is an element of reciprocal relationship.   We can’t just put them aside and continue to ignore them when they show  up.  And sometimes, there is a negotiation, or bargaining agreement  that takes place.  Because it is a reality that we cannot always stop  and indulge what society perceives, and our bosses perceive, as our  whims.  Sometimes we do have to say, ‘Now is not the time.”  Or we  develop strategies that work with that mid-ground. 

I  often carry my digital recorder, so I can make notes, or quickly  dictate the outline of information.  This way, I can come back to it  later, with as much rough-data as possible.  Or carrying a note pad, and  making a few notes of something, enough to remind me later.  I write  enough to remember what  it was, and any relevant associations.  So that  I know I had an idea for an article, and what was relevant about that  topic.  This helps in terms of productivity.  But it is also an  agreement with that creative element that says:  I will come back to  this.  And it is important that we maintain that ‘agreement,’ and go  back to that information or idea.  In this way, we are fostering that  relationship.  We are saying- this is good, and I like it.  We are not  saying no, we are just saying, not right now. 

So  by coming back to it, we are honouring it, and saying thank you for  waiting.  When we come back to that information or idea, we may find  that it isn’t as vital and rich as when we first had the idea- but as  this practice develops… we find that that clarity and intensity builds and comes back more fully and with ease.

For  example,  I never used to dream very much.  If someone asked me, I  would have sworn that I didn’t dream.  Even though I know this is  biologically impossible.  Aside- without dreaming, we would actually and  literally go insane.  But for all intents and purposes, in terms of any  recollection.  I would say, no: I didn’t dream.  Someone suggested I  try keeping a dream journal- this was in relation to intuitive work I  was doing.  At first I was very doubtful- since I never remembered any  dreams.  I was sure all I would have was blank pages in a pretty book.   And yet, as I made a point of writing down my dreams very first thing in  the morning… I started to remember my dreams more and more.  It started  a little slowly: one or two in fragments. But,  I got to the point  where I was clearly remembering 3-5 dreams, vividly with great detail  every morning. 

And  I would go through the day, and see something which would spark a  memory from dreams… it was a very interesting exercise.  And it clearly  demonstrated that we can, in fact, strengthen those relationships just  by bringing our attention and intention to them.   But those two things  need to be coupled with an action.  I didn’t remember more dreams just  by trying to think about them.  I began to remember dreams when I made a  regular practice and took the action of writing them down. 

So  you can develop and strengthen that relationship.  The more  you use  it, the more  it gets stronger, quicker and more effective. So it’s  really important to build that relationship.  It is your inner voice, your intuition speaking to you and the creative aspect of who you are.  Once you develop that connection, life begins to unfold differently,  and then to find out where it leads you.  Life becomes a journey of  exploration, and discovery. 

Ideally,  that brings back into our lives, that sense of wonder.  When we are no  longer trying to anticipate and create an outcome, we can shift into a  frame of mind that asks:  where is this going? And be led by curiosity  and exploration in our lives.  And that changes the way we live. From  trying to get to a destination, to how the journey unfolds for us.  And  that is a really big and powerful transformation.    It doesn’t happen  automatically. There are some tools and exercises that can help bring  that creativity and intuition back on board. Just like learning a new  sport or activity, it starts slowly, but once you begin to make that   connection you build it. 

Once   you build it, you’re going to find its always there.  Always  accessible.  And a handy tool to have in your repertoire. Whether it is  about dealing with relationships, making life changes, gaining  perspective on events, or inspiration in your business.  Tapping into  your inner resources, opens whole new dimensions, perspectives,  and new  pathways.


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Hiking with Murdock, my rescue dog, on Deer Leap in Vt.

Me and Murdock on Deer Leap in VT.


This weeks podcast goes deeper into the role of creativity and the  brain. We look at some of the ways the brain functions, and how  essential the creative elements are to the brain, both for healing as  well as for innovative solutions in Life and Business. We look at the  brain and break it down into the frontal rational brain, the hind-brain  which is binary, and the crucial role the mid-brain plays in connecting  the two aspects of our brains and information.


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Beingherd Intro Podcast

Posted by horsewisevt Jul 9, 2013
Hiking with Murdock, my rescue dog, on Deer Leap in Vt.

Me and Murdock on Deer Leap in VT.

This week’s entry is a podcast. I am definitely exploring different  approaches to delivering information. And it’s a really great  opportunity. I will do one podcast each week. If you have specific  questions or topics you would like me to address, let me know in the  comments, or in a private message ( if you prefer anonymity:)


This podcast talks about the whole idea of social communities, how  our society and educational models suppress the very best parts of who  we are. I share some of my own experiences and what I have gained, and I  hope you can benefit from this information! I look forward to hearing  from you.


dancing amaon cover.jpg

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