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Hiking with Murdock, my rescue dog, on Deer Leap in Vt.

Me and Murdock on Deer Leap in VT.


This weeks podcast goes deeper into the role of creativity and the  brain. We look at some of the ways the brain functions, and how  essential the creative elements are to the brain, both for healing as  well as for innovative solutions in Life and Business. We look at the  brain and break it down into the frontal rational brain, the hind-brain  which is binary, and the crucial role the mid-brain plays in connecting  the two aspects of our brains and information.


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dreamstimefree_fractal dark rainbow-ish.JPGCords are threads of energy connection between two energy bubbles.   Ideally, nothing should be connected to the energy bubble.  But cords do  happen, it is not uncommon.  they should release after an engagement,  and in a perfect world, cords would not connect even during  engagements.  but what fun would a perfect world be? Most times, cords just.. release, or go away, much like a memory or  emotional charge from a situation.  Sometimes though, cords are  unintentionally or intentionally, left attached.  They can impact both  sides, drain the recipient, and act like a computer stealth virus..


Cutting them is not too difficult and can help to reclaim your energetic integrity.


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dreamstimefree_galaxy.JPGThere are differences in the kinds of energy things possess at the physical level.  for example- the energy from eating meat is a heavy denser energy.  This is why many of the spiritual practices abstain from eating meat.  My teachers used to advise against eating meat or heavy meals, before doing journey work, meditation and healing.  Something in the intrinsic nature of meats, the energy- made it more difficult to shift the psychic energy into those altered states/ planes of being/ resonances.


So we do know that the levels of energy at the physical level change.. have different aspects, as you noted- from meat, from vegetables, from nature… all different.  And this is the same nuance I am referring to at the level of ” subtle energy”  Yes, as healers, we all draw on the energy field… but I am beginning to think that all these energies that different approaches use- may be ever so slightly different from each other.  This might also account for why one modality might work for a person, when another modality did not.  What if it isn’t necessarily the person, or the healer– although those things do also play a part.


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dreamstimefree balloon-head.JPGI read Daniel Pinchbecks book: Breaking Open the Head a while back.   Its subtitle is psychedelic shamanism.  It is a very informed and  informative book that draws both on empirical data about a range of  plants and psychedelic agents, as well as personal anecdotal information  that work together to create and convey very detailed information about  the nature and experience of different chemicals.




The first chapter talks about the drug Iboga, which had a brief surge  in popularity, but then seemed to disappear off of the radar. Pinchbeck  talked about how Iboga was a drug that had the capacity to cure  addictions.  In this, he talked a lot about the nature of the brain and  how it works, in terms of processing experiences and emotions.



He noted, that we process and sort through things in our dreams.   This is not anything new in terms of understanding the psyche ( although  there are a few competing theories on dreams/ dreaming, that is better  tackled in another thread:). He notes that often, when a person has  undergone a trauma early in life ( general rule), something is impacted  in the way the two sides of the brain communicate with each other–as a  result that it impacts something in the dreaming cycle.  It seems as  though the dream cycle is caught in a loop, like a record with a skip,  or a washing machine that doesn’t quite kick over into the next part of  the washing-rinse-spin cycles.  As a result, an individual cannot  complete the processing of the experience.  It is staying lodged in the  psyche as ‘unresolved.’ ( my term). I would also add/ elaborate that it  is staying in the energy bubble, which is to say it will continue to  haunt the individual, like a hungry Ghost, feeding on the other aspects  of their life and energy.


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Friday Morning, Early. Linked In.  I really do love the discussions  and questions I encounter in the groups through this site.  Linked in is  an absolute treasure trove ( okay, what


a  trove?)…anyway- there was a great Question about 2012. Everyone is  starting to buzz about this date, especially as it is approaching, ever  nearer.  I think more people are asking: gee- what is this all about.   Mostly not giving it too much credence, as doomsday predictions have  been around forever- but perhaps also wondering, with a tiny corner of  the brain… is there something I should know about.  I imagine getting  caught unprepared for an apocalypse might suck.  Not that there is  anything one could do to divert it… or is there…?

… it seems Apocalypse thinking has always been around. The early  Christians, middle ages, millennial ( both of them), the Mormons’ great  disappointment, etc. I imagine there is quite a long list of doomsday  incidences. WHY? not really sure. I know some of the particulars about  the 2012 shift.. regarding, yes the Mayan calender ends there ( was that  coincidence? who knows- but we take it as significant, and therein is  the relevant aspect. Sort of like deconstructionist theory in  literature: what the Author intended when he wrote has little meaning-  what the reader constructs for meaning is what bears import. I ascribe  to a combination of those theories:).


Anyway- yes, it does seem that there is a LOT of overlap of  mythologies that point to this as a time of great significance. the end  of the Mayan Calender. the end of the pachacuti cycle for the  Inca/Andeans. the Hopi prophecies. the I-ching, christian biblical. even  computer code: the list is quite long. What does it signify?  Apparently, this is about the time when the earth aligns with the  galactic core. what does that mean in terms of astronomy and physics and  metaphysics? who knows. this apparently happens every… 26,000(?) years (  I’ll have to check that number, as I honestly can’t remember if its  millions or thousands). Whatever the number, we can say, this HAS  occurred before. What happens as part of this.. who knows. We are only  recently, in our history, coming to understand our cosmic backyard, the  asteroid belt causing/ contributing to ice ages ( long explanation  there:), planetary shifts, pole/ axis shifts… All mythologies,  cosmologies and other hype aside.


I think most people will agree we are living in a time when a LOT is  going on. Globally, geologically, socially, politically, personally and  inter-personally, spiritually, etc. Note that the Chinese word for  chaos, also indicates opportunity. Energy is stirred up. the outcomes  are not set, at least in this timeline of the multi-verse… WHAT we do  with these opportunities is up to us. Maybe it will be doomsday, but  maybe there is great opportunity for growth, awakening, and evolution,  on many of the planes and levels of being. Maybe it is a collective  opportunity… but maybe it is individual, as well. Opportunity is there,  more accessible. who chooses to step into it, and who does not…and I  think that is the beginning of what we ARE seeing, all around us,  already… More and more people CHOOSING, a better path. with integrity,  and the beginnings of awareness.



Mayan God of Fortune



What are your thoughts or experiences?  Share below! :)

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A Gifted Man: Will this be Powerful Medicine?




This is a recap and overview of the new show on CBS: A gifted Man.   Note that I am looking at this from the perspective of a medicine  person, a shaman.  I was intrigued by a show that will take on a theme  that is very much NOT in the mainstream psychology.  I am curious to  know how they will manage and address and develop these ideas.  I offer  input and explanations and commentary based on my teachings of the High  Andes of Peru and some understanding of script-writing and  storytelling.  Writing a review is a new territory for me, so it may not  read as fluidly as I would like.


Le me start by noting I am a huge follower of shows like Medium,  ghost Whisperer and Saving Grace.  As a trained and practicing Medicine  Person, I am always drawn into shows that delve into the Supernatural,  and esoteric- especially when it is done in a somewhat realistic and  honest approach.  I liked these shows.  I also like the less realistic  ones as well, but more for entertainment excapism than for genuine  philosophical introspection.




It might be a bit closer to say, I loved the premises of these show,  slowly falling out of love, and settling into Like. These shows, or  writers/ creators had some great pconcept.  But I never quite got past  the feeling of near-miss, after the honeymoon enthusiasm wore off.  Much  as they cared, they never quite “got it right.” I am wondering:  Will  CBS’s A Gifted Man Get it Right?


As a trained Medicine Person (aka shaman), I understand and work with  these nebulous ideas.  It is the water in which I swim, and am most  comfortable and at home.  So there is a bit of a love-hate relationship,  truly hoping someone will create a show with integrity and deal with  elusive concepts and hard issues, head on.




I also have a bit of a love-hate with the major networks- for the  same reasons. I am not alone here.  More and more viewers are migrating  to the off-broadway offerings of televised networks: the cable stations  which are more daring, edgy and innovative.




So it was with some degree of trepidation that I tuned into “A Gifted  Man,” on Friday evening.  As it happened there wasn’t anything on at  that time slot to which I have a must-watch sticky note attached. Peking  at the premise, I decided it looked moderately interesting.  And I  admit I had no previous teasers or lead-in info.  So this was a totally  cold introduction.




Basic premise is fairly formulaic.  I would describe it as though  someone merged the two aspects that defined LOST, into one character.   Man of Science, versus Man of Faith.. only this time, there is just one  guy standing there.




Introduce Michael Holt: Brilliant neurosurgeon, gorgeous, successful  owner of Holt Neuro-surgical Center .  Well put together. It seems he  has no flaws, unless you count the ambition to be that brilliant as a  character flaw.  Well dressed, tasteful.  He is respected by his staff  and colleagues.  There is a sense that he has been somewhat isolated,  perhaps.  Neurosurgeon- stereotype much? Seriously?  A brain surgeon who  refuses to grasp what the brain cannot quantify?




The show opens on emergency surgery on multi-millionaire and good  friend of Michael’s Ron. The tech fumbles something. Michael has him  fired.  Assistant praises him.  Display of typical medical arrogance.




Out for a run, screeching tires, a bouncing ball that lands in puddle, smiley face staring back blankly happy.  in the




Introduce patient of the week:  brilliant young tennis player. 19, if  she wins the French open, youngest to ever win the grand slam, famous  forever.  Assistant also tells him it is her birthday. Again, he notes?




POTW- aneurism possibility.




Back to best friend recovering from surgery.  Michael does not  release him, as Ron cannot promise no fast life.  Don’t get 9 lives.  He  tells him, the patch in his brain needs to heal, if it slips, he dies.




Michael getting take-away from an upscale restaurant.  Enter Anna.  Big hug ( might have some ret-con to do later, on this one.)  she agrees  to join him for dinner, and tells him she has been living in the city  for a while. He invites her to come back for dinner.




Anna, the ex-wife:  Mirror image of savvy perfection.  The  relationship that didn’t quite work.  But even ten years later, there is  a connection they seem to share.  This element of the star-crossed  lovers works well, and will perhaps be expanded upon as the show  evolves.  But it seemed a little too perfect and warm.  That there was  absolutely no residual resentment or animosity upon a first  re-encounter? Seriously?  These people come across as just a little too  cookie-cutter perfect.  At least to me.  They seem to present as  everything western culture idealises and adores and aspires to be.  White-bread. I hope the writers spend time deconstructing this.




She has been working in a health clinic, not nearly as upscale as the environment Michael has created for himself.




They discuss the demise of their marriage with a wistful poignancy.   Neither one remarried, insinuating that somehow they were “the one” for  each other.  Then she has to leave.  The phone rings, it’s Milo, the  teenage nephew.   In the few moments Michael is on the phone, Anna has  vanished, poof.




Driving Milo home from police station: precinct 83, to be precise.




Cut to the Sister. Woman of faith/intuition.  PUH_LEEEEZE. First, let  me say how much I absolutely respect Julie Benz, from her work on  Buffy, and more on Angel-in the character she created.  She found a way  to humanise and make sympathetic, even someone who could-should have  been absolutely un-likeable with absolutely no redeeming qualities.  And  she continued to develop as a performer on Dexter, although in some  ways it seemed that she was never given the opportunity to fully stretch  herself as an artist in that role.  Suffice it to say, when she was  killed, was when I stopped watching the show.




Back to A gifted Man: Stereotype much??? This irked me a little bit.  It felt like the writers totally caved, rather than writing against  type.  The sister is single mom, struggling with raising a troubled  teenage son, with financial difficulties. She is open minded and  spiritual- but somehow they managed to have her present as somewhat of a  nutter.  OI! Seriously, was this the best they could do?




The writers could have made her a much stronger character, just based  in a conflicting paradigm. A holistic business owner, organic  landscaper, massage therapist- any number of things. Something with  integrity, rather than someone who presents as needy and seeking the  affirmation from big brother.




Straight away, it is the brother-uncle role, as he bails the kid out  of the Police station (caught up with a gang sweep).  He gives her money  for back rent, reads her the parenting riot act, despite not being a  parent himself.  The distress is clear on her face.  None of the-  thanks, but I can raise my kid myself, thank you. I hope they do better  in developing this character. Don’t waste the talent of a skilled  actress here.




Back to tennis player: MRI.  Asserting her situation for the French  open the following week and the enormous pressure she is under.




Cut to Rom. Establishing one of his few friendships, with someone who  is his foil-  fast lifestyle party, drinking, someone who doesn’t know  how to behave.  He notes, I have very few real friends, I’d rather not  lose one to stupidity.




Cut to Michael trying to call anna at clinica salado(?).  Doctor Paul died 2 weeks ago.




Cut to Michael looking up possible causes for his seeing anna,  schizophrenia and other neurological disorders.  Looking a bit  distraught.




Sister returns- family therapy for the troubled son, Milo. Asks  brother to be the father figure to accompany the kid as the parental  male figure.




Now Michael denies having had dinner with Ann.  It was an oxy and  wine.  Oh, her spirit came to you.  I have a friend who is a shaman, she  is talking fast, desperately trying to convince him, explain to him-  get him to see and understand- this is a cosmic gift, calling out to his  retreating back. She can’t even remember the term for the word she  wants. Again with the stereotype. Couldn’t they have let her have  integrity and the high-ground here?  Allow her to stand in her Power.   She wines to his retreating back, rather than settling down, and giving  him a parting shot: “That’s fine bro.  Let me know when she needs help,  or if you need answers, you know where to find me.”  She could have  supplied just enough information to demonstrate that she knew more about  this than he did, but that she was willing to wait for him to come to  her.  And to further re-inforce this, the shaman she references is a  man.  Seriously? Stereo-type much?  Why couldn’t SHE have had at least  some of this shamanic skill and training? So it comes across as killing  two birds with one scene: condescending to the power of Women, and  dismissive of anything esoteric, supernatural




Return to normal clinic duties: Tennis player and her parents  weighing the odds of holding off on the surgery until after the tennis  match. Strict




Ron wants to finish recuperating in St Barts. Boze drugs and meth.   Michael denies him release. During this phone chat, Michael looking over  info about Anna.




What appears to be a hookup with Michael’s CFO, following financial meeting.




Walking down the hall, bouncing ball returns, Anna in tow.  The ball  seems to have an attachment to her since it was part of the circumstance  of her death.




Doc in denial, Anna explains the circumstances of her death. Freak  accident getting hit by a car.  She also explains that she needs his  help, and that she never trained anyone to take over and do what needs  to be done. She ran a clinic nearby.




We now visit through the various stages of denial: must be a brain  tumour, sending himself for an MRI- which, obviously, comes back clear.   It might have been interesting if there had been a brain tumour,  setting up the dichotomy between: is it real or is it medical  malfunction.  No matter, Doc is left to struggle and perhaps come to  terms with his circumstance.  (TIMELINE?)




He does go down to Anna’s clinic. A family walk-in clinic.  Uses the  password Ann assured him was her password.  This success begins to  assure him something. He also gets a chance to see “the other side” of  the medical tracks:  where 160 patients waiting.  There is no MRI  machine or fancy high-end medical equipment.




“I’m a doctor, I can’t… people put their lives in my hand, I can’t be irrational…”




Checking his own MRI. No brain tumour. Re-appear Anna.  Not  schizophrenia. The idea of “ghost”  now enters his mind for first time.




Some nice but subtle -light comic relief with one of the colleagues who repeatedly hears him talking to “someone.”




Back to sis’ for dinner. Anton the shaman. Anna got into his energy  field, his energetic body, through an injury to his shoulder( explains  the occasional arm-stretching we had been seeing).  A little thin on the  reality here.  The unhealed will often come to those who are most open  to them, with whom they had the strongest energetic-emotional bond.   That is energy, energy holds power, or charge.  It doesn’t really need a  hole- but that explanation works as well as any.




His good friend is back in crisis- having had some sort of problem after self-releasing himself from the hospital.




Tennis-pro has an incident in regard to her aneurism.




Free-clinic kid, first dismissed as trivial- Michael now takes  serious interest in the case, suspecting something beyond poverty, poor  parenting or hypochondria.




He performs surgery on the tennis pro. Very cool to watch the imagery  here. Showing how the surgery transpires, watching video of blood  vessel and the surgery threading through the veins to reach it.




Anna very impressed.




Other boy- tumour of distal something… no insurance.


Who’s covering it?  Assistant asks.


We are, he responds.


Why are we suddenly running this place like a free clinic?




Michael hands the surgery over to an assistant.  Anna convinces him that he should be the one to do it




Tennis pro’s perfect record is over.  Career over. A come-back isn’t  adequate.  She will never be known as “the best.”  Tearful- regardless  of how close she came to dying.




Here he decides he will do the boys surgery. Assuring the boy e is the best of surgeons, and is on the boys team, AOK.




Best friend is dead. Michael at a true loss to cope with that  emotion. He goes out onto the pier, where anna joins him. Anna is  pleased the boy will be fine following his surgery. And she tries to  console him over the loss of his friend.  And Michael insists he  shouldn’t have died- that there are rules, and if you jus follow them.   You don’ chase a ball into the street… Michael is definitely getting  hammered from multiple directions.  And the writers are certainly  over-kill on the subtlety.




Cut to the shaman.  Ceremonial smudging with incense, it looks like  Palo santo- that is an AMAZING scented wood from Peru. Florida Water-  which is a sort of cologne, blown with the breath, into the air.  This  is all very typical by the book, literally- there is a book that exactly  outlines these techniques- healing ceremony. Cut to healing ceremony.   Lots of OOOO and wow sorts of bells going off here.  Somebody in the  writers room either has a very informed friend or has read the book.  Literally. This scene is straight out of a book on Andean/ Inca healing  techniques.




A mixed bag here.  All of the healing elements were here.  Someone did a very thorough job on their homework.




BUUUT: they could have inserted a lot more and better information to  educate the audience as to what was playing out, and the underlying  premises that explain why this approach to healing works and makes  sense.




Quantum physics and computer science have been a Godsend, literally,  for me as a practitioner and teacher.  Concepts and terms from both of  these fields give reference and frameworks.  These terms and concepts  allow clients to readily grasp and understand he nebulous concepts  behind traditional healing ceremony.




Let’s start with the very concept of the Energy Field:




Quantum physics: explains that everything is energy.  Everything, at  the absolute tiniest levels is nothing but vibration, vibrating strings  of energy.




Your energy field, your bubble- is like the computers hard drive-  where all memory and events are stored. Emotional memory. And as we  travel through life, surfing the cosmos, so to speak- we pick up  spyware, malware, viruses and bugs.  These things interfere with our  process, our life-path.




Quantum physics: all things are energy. Energy vibrates, has  resonance.  In Andean Cosmology they break this down into two basic  distinctions: sami, which is light refined and nourishing energy, and  Hucha- which is heavy energy that holds us back. Heavy. Dense. Low  frequency.




Florida Water: a sort of cologne very common and popular in South  America, particularly Peru. Spraying florida water opens sacred space.   It is similar to a priest using incense at the beginning of service. It  transitions from the external events to the experience of the ceremony.   Breath is considered sacred, which is why it is “sprayed” with the  breath, which looks like spitting.




Rattle: all things have resonance.  Sound waves break up dense  energy.  Modern medicine is using sound waves to break up things like  kidney stones.




Healing stones on the body: elementary approach, but correct. The  only faux-pas is that the stones are polished.  All my teachers taught  that stones have the greatest potency when they are taken directly from  their natural environments and used in that form.  One explained that  polishing them washes away their power.   The idea here is that stones  have a low dense energetic frequency, the same as hucha.  As such, the  stones tune into the hucha, and absorb the heavy energy at the place  where it is trying to enter or drain the body.  The energy centers are  like hubs or ports, through which energy is drained or infused. The  hucha is a sort of food for the stone.  It either absorbs it and/ or  transforms it, like recycling.




Suggestion to writers:  a picture is worth a thousand words.  CGI  would have worked wonders here. To illustrate what was transpiring. This  would allow the viewer to step into the experience and create a visual  paradigm that the mind of the viewer can grasp and understand.






The goal of this ceremony is an “extraction” to remove her from his  energy field and “send her away.”  Michael notes he cannot have her in  his life, because she does not fit, and he does not like feeling  delusional.  Anna asks him to allow her to be he one thing in life  Michael does not understand.  She informs him if he does this, she will  never see him again.  At that point, Michael pulls out of the ceremony.   He insists she has left.  The shaman knows otherwise.  BUT- a shaman  worth anything, would also have been able to understand the distinction  between a harmful entity and a benevolent one. Could have handled  better.




Michael goes home, asks, are you there?  Anna appears.  Michael smiles. Fade to black.






In a lot of ways, this storyline played out predictably.  But it was done fairly well.




It would be interesting if: the shaman was a male nurse- bridging the worlds both literal and metaphoric.




Sister becomes a powerful force, repository of wisdom/lore.  I don’t  think her profession was even defined in the episode. An herbalist?  Midwife? Nutritionist? Something that is truly about self-empowerment,  rather than doctors as the repositories of our healing- because  ultimately, in the end, we have to own our own health. That would be a  FAR better foil for her brother, than helpless and needy and struggling.




I really do like Anna’s character. I wonder if they will write her as  his genuine soul-mate, harkening back to the Ghost and Ms Muir.  There  could be some real potential for character development there- that was a  sort of classic love story.  And pursuing this theme could certainly  open Michael up to explore the alter-dimensions, in a search for some  way to connect with Anna in a more concrete way.  Alternately, Anna  could be his mentor, guiding him into a different paradigm for his life,  and search out the “right woman” for him.




I do like the idea that Anna is also somewhat on her own agenda,  rather than present merely for the sake of saving Michael.  She comes to  him, as the one closest energetic connection.  The person she CAN  reach.  Someone she wants to continue what she has left unfinished. The  idea that she has formed no strong deep connections in ten years,  certainly indicates that this is the soul mate that grounds her in this  realm.




I will be curious to see where they go with this series.  Hopefully  it will evolve on all levels and live to see several seasons, as well.




What did you think? Share your thoughts below:

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working with dreams

Posted by horsewisevt Jul 8, 2011

I started this in response to someone who was talking about recurring bad dreams. I'm working on flushing it out, hope you enjoy the info in it:)



The brain has 3 basic level, the limbic, which is responsible for.. well.. everything.  It is a basic binary element.  It either makes or does something, or it doesn't.  Like a computer, 1's and 0's. All a computer does, is add 1.  It just does it blindingly fast.  And all those mathematical addition equations convert into email, video's and facebook.  the limbic section of the brain functions in much the same way.  It creates a chemical that makes you afraid, or it doesn't.  It tells the body to produce something, or it doesn't.  very simple- sort of:)


The area of the brain we rely on the most, especially in our western culture, is the frontal section.  this is the part with reason and language.  It is the newest section of the human brain, in terms of evolution.  it is there all the chatter comes from, and the thinking.


These two sections of the brain do not share a common language.  Just like a computer- we do not "speak" in binary.  so an interface is necessary; an operating system through which the two sides can communicate.  On a computer, this is windows, or the Mac OS10, etc.  In the brain, it is the mid-section of the brain.


the mid-section is the area of dreams and creativity.  Our dreams make total sense, while they are happening.  Within the dream we know what things represent and their purpose in the dream.  At least most of the time. We are completely afraid of the flourescent purple penguin that offers you a cookie.  It is logical in the context of the dream, we know why we are afraid, and what it represents.  At least in the dream.  Try explaining the dream to someone and it can sound quite silly.


Let alone how dreams seem to someone else, we also wrestle with them, trying to make meaning. Sometimes we know exactly what is going on.  Other times, not so much.  This is because dreams are drawing on symbols and meanings from out unconscious and the collective unconscious  to which our rational brains don't always have ready access.


But there is no mistaking how potent and powerful dreams are. The mere fact that without dreaming we would go insane, literally, illustrates how essential they are to our well-being.  Dreams are part of the mythic landscape of the mid-brain.  This is where we work things out.  it also, does not function on rational linear or verbal language.  the mid-brain responds to creativity, music, ritual and ceremony.  The indigenous cultures comprehend this intuitively.  In all their healing work, ceremony, ritual and sacred drama play an integral role.


To sidetrack, our modern wedding ceremony is a perfect example of a ritual.  It would be easy to have someone say: okay, now you are married. go home to your new life.  Instead, we create a very large extravaganza around this event.  There is the bridal shower, the bacleor party, the rehearsal and costumes, the ceremony, the reception and honeymoon.  WOW- that's a lot of event.  What this does, is create the heightened sense of the importance of the marriage.  What it is doing more than that, however, is the ritual that emphasises that an important transition is taking place.  The two people being married are intrinsically changed.  They enter this ritual in one emotional, energetic and legal state.  At the conclusion they are not the same. something has shifted and they are now in a different state on all levels.


This ritual incorporates and caters to the needs of that mid-section of the brain. so, now: back to dreams. Dreams are powerful information.  This information may be from yourself and your unconscious. Or perhaps it is from the invisible worlds, or the collective unconscious.  Regardless of where dreams originate, the information is being presented.  So in one way or another it must have some deep significance for us.


Try thinking of your dreams like another person.  (Not the schizophrenic kind).  But as though someone who does not speak english, and is desperately trying to communicate something to you. They may not even have a verbal language. Your dreams are either enacting something so that you can re-experience it and work it out, or they are enacting something you have NOT experienced and trying out different possibilities and outcomes.  It may be that your dreams are trying to serve a sort of preventative measure, as well.  Workig something out in a dream, can help us to not need the experience in real life.


Imagine you had a loss when you were young.  It is unresolved.  This may repeat in the patterns of your life.  If we can resolve this original loss through our dreams, then we won't have the need to recreate the experience in our waking world.  pretty cool, actually.


Suppose you aren't very good at remembering your dreams. Relaxation techniques can help with that. Remember, dreams come from the same area of the brain where our creativity lives.  So things that help creativity should also help with dreams.  Make a time every evening for "playtime."  Draw, write a poem, listen to music (without words is probably better).  Think of something that is creative, playful, without expectation, assessment of goal.  Try journal writing. Mostly, you want to work at reducing stress so that the creative area of the brain, the inner child, can stretch and play. Even some yoga or stretching can be beneficial.


Some medicinal herbs that can help with dreaming.  Mugwort is  one of them, there are others- you can research online.  Most of the  herbs that help with dreaming, seem to be used for reducing stress-  which makes sense, since dreaming is part of our creativity-related  brain.  the non-linear logical area:)  You might try relaxation  techniques, a sort of meditation, particularly before bed.  Also, try keeping a dream journal-  it actually does improve dream retreival.  I never used to remember my  dreams, but when I started keeping a journal, and writing down my dreams  every morning.. I started to remember them with much greater clarity,  and regularity: as in every morning I had 2-5 dreams. This also  helped/helps in tracking the events going on and connecting dots.  All  in all, a very valuable practice.


You can also try some of the theta brain wave CDs that help the brain achieve that theta state of relaxation.


And  don't stress over dreams not being " good".  they are information from  you, your higher self, and/ or the invisible world of helpers FOR you.   The important thing, is to get the message/ information the dreams are  conveying, and applying it.  like any advisor/friend.. uitilising the  connection- improves the relationship.



do you have the same dream repeatedly? do you know it well?


pick the dream apart the way you might if you were writing about it/them.  In fact, writing about it/ them may be beneficial.  Start by making a flow chart on the wall, maybe and just write different aspects down.  when you hit one aspect of the dream, what associations do you have?  Are there people you know in the dream? are there messages in the dream?


Dreams are messages and information from out unconscious and/ or from the invisible realms.  What is the goal of the dream?  Is the goal just to make you afraid?  Are you supposed to be afraid of something in particular?


The more we work with our dreams, the more accessible they become.  Also, like learning any language, we become more fluent.  Over time we begin to recognise patterns and themes.  There may also be recurring events in dreams, or we begin to recognize the symbols our dreams use.  For example, maybe every time we are moving into a scary area of a landscape, a red bird shows up.  If we see it once, it might not stand out as anything significant.  But over time, we may see the red bird and then know its relevance.  Then we have a greater awareness within the dream.  We might see a red bird, and choose a different path, or arm ourselves with some sort of defense.  As in all things, awareness is the key to being able to choose more wisely.  It is simply a matter of learning how to tune in, listen, and create meaning.  The magic and power of the universe is constantly unfolding around us, waiting for us with love and patience.  In this way, it is our parent, guiding our first steps into the vast unknown.

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