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I;m still plqaying around and figuring out video capture software- but not a bad first time out on making a video:)

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Beingherd- weekly podcast and blog post-transcript







I  want to touch more deeply on the topic of PLAY. Ideally PLAY and  creativity should be connected, should be tapping the same place.  The  difficulty we have in western/ modern society, is that we don’t really   play.  We are very disconnected from that place, of playing.  There is  an excellent book, playing by heart- that touches on this topic in more  depth. But essentially, we don’t play.  We recreate. We have structured  activities, structures games that have outcomes, rules, and  expectations. And even though we play games they have structure and a  goal, of wining. And that isn't really playing... it's competition.  Why do we think of this as "fun?"

I think, in our culture, it has created a paradigm that associates playing, and winning.  We need to win in order to have the satisfaction of playing.   When in fact, playing, in and of itself has no expectation and  outcome.  The difference being, when we play with an expectation of  outcome, we put a stress on it. There is an anxiety, an expectation.  Genuine playing has no parameters.  Its’ colouring outside the lines.  It’s not meeting  external or internal expectations. There is no  assessment.   There’s no time frame and it is not a reward. Playing in  and of itself is the reward.

A  little kid might follow a butterfly for an hour, following it from  flower to flower. That is the action of playing.   It is engaging.  It is being present in the moment,  being caught up in wonder.  Colouring- not because you want to be an artist, but  because you just like the colours. 

Playing  when it is a reward or a punishment, or parameters are set onto it…  stifles creativity.  When we say: okay, I will do this this, and this,  and then I will play.  Or, if we say, I will play for 10 minutes, and  then I need to do my work.  What we do, when we do this, is we separate  out the significant elements of the function of play, as though it is  not integral to everything we do.   There are a lot of inspirational,  advice people, guru’s etc.. and the essential message from many of them  is—if you love what  you do, then your job is not work- tedious and  painful.  More or less. 

When  you bring your passion and enthusiasm into your work, when that  creative and play-aspect is incorporated into the rest of our lives, we  look forward to going to work.  It is fun, pleasant and we are engaged  on all our levels.  So one thing that will really serve us,  is if we  can learn how to tap back into that aspect of our creativity and play,  into the things we are doing.  For children this is instinctive and  automatic.  Kids, cleaning their room might pretend the toys on the  floor need rescuing from shark infested water.  As parents, we engage  our children with play in order to accomplish things.  Getting a baby to  open his mouth for the airplane, in order to eat his/ her dinner… As  children we engage in play, and as adults- we utilize play aspects in  order to engage our children into cooperation.  And yet, as adults, we  ourselves, are separated from that aspect.  There is no creativity- it  is supposed to be “work.”

It  stops being fun. Sometimes  through listening to that intuitive place,  we realize we are disconnected from play- which  involves a job change.  Because what we are doing isn’t play. This is a scary place to be.   Hearing WHAT that inner voice has to say, truths that make us  uncomfortable.  And often, we don’t want to hear it, and we stifle it.  We end up in places that does not feed our passion.  The work we are doing doesn’t have a reward. So the part of us that  wants to be engaged feels like it is being punished.  Being stifled.  Being pushed aside. Just like a little kid. Mommy doesn’t have time  now.  Mommy’s busy.  Ask me later.  That little kid is always being  pushed aside, pushed aside. That little kid that wants to be connected  and be part of your life, goes away.  So a lot of us, as adults, need to  re-nurture that relationship, bring that connection back on  board..gently.  But it’s not going to be right there and jump back into  your life at maximum power. Just like a little kid, it’s going to peek  around the corner: hesitant, reluctant, unsure- ‘do you really want me?’  is this going to last very long, or are  you going to change your mind  and send me back to sit in the corner again?

So building that relationship, as though building a relationship with a child.   And building a relationship with that inner-child, brings that creativity and intuition back on board,  gives you vision.  And those are very powerful tools that you want to  have.  And we will have them, whenever we want or need to utilize them. 

But, like that child-relationship, there is an element of reciprocal relationship.   We can’t just put them aside and continue to ignore them when they show  up.  And sometimes, there is a negotiation, or bargaining agreement  that takes place.  Because it is a reality that we cannot always stop  and indulge what society perceives, and our bosses perceive, as our  whims.  Sometimes we do have to say, ‘Now is not the time.”  Or we  develop strategies that work with that mid-ground. 

I  often carry my digital recorder, so I can make notes, or quickly  dictate the outline of information.  This way, I can come back to it  later, with as much rough-data as possible.  Or carrying a note pad, and  making a few notes of something, enough to remind me later.  I write  enough to remember what  it was, and any relevant associations.  So that  I know I had an idea for an article, and what was relevant about that  topic.  This helps in terms of productivity.  But it is also an  agreement with that creative element that says:  I will come back to  this.  And it is important that we maintain that ‘agreement,’ and go  back to that information or idea.  In this way, we are fostering that  relationship.  We are saying- this is good, and I like it.  We are not  saying no, we are just saying, not right now. 

So  by coming back to it, we are honouring it, and saying thank you for  waiting.  When we come back to that information or idea, we may find  that it isn’t as vital and rich as when we first had the idea- but as  this practice develops… we find that that clarity and intensity builds and comes back more fully and with ease.

For  example,  I never used to dream very much.  If someone asked me, I  would have sworn that I didn’t dream.  Even though I know this is  biologically impossible.  Aside- without dreaming, we would actually and  literally go insane.  But for all intents and purposes, in terms of any  recollection.  I would say, no: I didn’t dream.  Someone suggested I  try keeping a dream journal- this was in relation to intuitive work I  was doing.  At first I was very doubtful- since I never remembered any  dreams.  I was sure all I would have was blank pages in a pretty book.   And yet, as I made a point of writing down my dreams very first thing in  the morning… I started to remember my dreams more and more.  It started  a little slowly: one or two in fragments. But,  I got to the point  where I was clearly remembering 3-5 dreams, vividly with great detail  every morning. 

And  I would go through the day, and see something which would spark a  memory from dreams… it was a very interesting exercise.  And it clearly  demonstrated that we can, in fact, strengthen those relationships just  by bringing our attention and intention to them.   But those two things  need to be coupled with an action.  I didn’t remember more dreams just  by trying to think about them.  I began to remember dreams when I made a  regular practice and took the action of writing them down. 

So  you can develop and strengthen that relationship.  The more  you use  it, the more  it gets stronger, quicker and more effective. So it’s  really important to build that relationship.  It is your inner voice, your intuition speaking to you and the creative aspect of who you are.  Once you develop that connection, life begins to unfold differently,  and then to find out where it leads you.  Life becomes a journey of  exploration, and discovery. 

Ideally,  that brings back into our lives, that sense of wonder.  When we are no  longer trying to anticipate and create an outcome, we can shift into a  frame of mind that asks:  where is this going? And be led by curiosity  and exploration in our lives.  And that changes the way we live. From  trying to get to a destination, to how the journey unfolds for us.  And  that is a really big and powerful transformation.    It doesn’t happen  automatically. There are some tools and exercises that can help bring  that creativity and intuition back on board. Just like learning a new  sport or activity, it starts slowly, but once you begin to make that   connection you build it. 

Once   you build it, you’re going to find its always there.  Always  accessible.  And a handy tool to have in your repertoire. Whether it is  about dealing with relationships, making life changes, gaining  perspective on events, or inspiration in your business.  Tapping into  your inner resources, opens whole new dimensions, perspectives,  and new  pathways.


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dancing amaon cover.jpg

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Hiking with Murdock, my rescue dog, on Deer Leap in Vt.

Me and Murdock on Deer Leap in VT.


This weeks podcast goes deeper into the role of creativity and the  brain. We look at some of the ways the brain functions, and how  essential the creative elements are to the brain, both for healing as  well as for innovative solutions in Life and Business. We look at the  brain and break it down into the frontal rational brain, the hind-brain  which is binary, and the crucial role the mid-brain plays in connecting  the two aspects of our brains and information.


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Beingherd Intro Podcast

Posted by horsewisevt Jul 9, 2013
Hiking with Murdock, my rescue dog, on Deer Leap in Vt.

Me and Murdock on Deer Leap in VT.

This week’s entry is a podcast. I am definitely exploring different  approaches to delivering information. And it’s a really great  opportunity. I will do one podcast each week. If you have specific  questions or topics you would like me to address, let me know in the  comments, or in a private message ( if you prefer anonymity:)


This podcast talks about the whole idea of social communities, how  our society and educational models suppress the very best parts of who  we are. I share some of my own experiences and what I have gained, and I  hope you can benefit from this information! I look forward to hearing  from you.


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maggie grounding.jpgI was just reading an interesting article about some of the physical benefits, or rather physiological benefits of grounding. It talked about the importance and benefits of going barefoot. Also,  I remember in my herbal training, we talked a good bit about how the feet absorb minerals from the ground and grass.  That's a pretty cool idea and absolutely makes evolutionary- biological good sense.






Another benefit to walking barefoot is also physiological.  Or perhaps anatomical?  When we walk over uneven ground, especially if we are barefoot.. we use our muscles and our bodies very differently.  Walking over uneven ground, and walking barefoot over natural ( not man-made/ paved) surfaces allows us to use more of our muscles, and stresses the feet and joints less.  I played around with this, shifting back and forth between the sidewalk, and the grass next to it.  I definitely sensed the distinction. Of course, it probably looked a bit silly, but I was pretty immersed in the changes in sensory information.  Walking over the grass also felt more relaxing, satisfying, in some way...have you tried it? You might be surprised...



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dreamstimefree_fractal dark rainbow-ish.JPGCords are threads of energy connection between two energy bubbles.   Ideally, nothing should be connected to the energy bubble.  But cords do  happen, it is not uncommon.  they should release after an engagement,  and in a perfect world, cords would not connect even during  engagements.  but what fun would a perfect world be? Most times, cords just.. release, or go away, much like a memory or  emotional charge from a situation.  Sometimes though, cords are  unintentionally or intentionally, left attached.  They can impact both  sides, drain the recipient, and act like a computer stealth virus..


Cutting them is not too difficult and can help to reclaim your energetic integrity.


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dreamstimefree_galaxy.JPGThere are differences in the kinds of energy things possess at the physical level.  for example- the energy from eating meat is a heavy denser energy.  This is why many of the spiritual practices abstain from eating meat.  My teachers used to advise against eating meat or heavy meals, before doing journey work, meditation and healing.  Something in the intrinsic nature of meats, the energy- made it more difficult to shift the psychic energy into those altered states/ planes of being/ resonances.


So we do know that the levels of energy at the physical level change.. have different aspects, as you noted- from meat, from vegetables, from nature… all different.  And this is the same nuance I am referring to at the level of ” subtle energy”  Yes, as healers, we all draw on the energy field… but I am beginning to think that all these energies that different approaches use- may be ever so slightly different from each other.  This might also account for why one modality might work for a person, when another modality did not.  What if it isn’t necessarily the person, or the healer– although those things do also play a part.


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dreamstimefree balloon-head.JPGI read Daniel Pinchbecks book: Breaking Open the Head a while back.   Its subtitle is psychedelic shamanism.  It is a very informed and  informative book that draws both on empirical data about a range of  plants and psychedelic agents, as well as personal anecdotal information  that work together to create and convey very detailed information about  the nature and experience of different chemicals.




The first chapter talks about the drug Iboga, which had a brief surge  in popularity, but then seemed to disappear off of the radar. Pinchbeck  talked about how Iboga was a drug that had the capacity to cure  addictions.  In this, he talked a lot about the nature of the brain and  how it works, in terms of processing experiences and emotions.



He noted, that we process and sort through things in our dreams.   This is not anything new in terms of understanding the psyche ( although  there are a few competing theories on dreams/ dreaming, that is better  tackled in another thread:). He notes that often, when a person has  undergone a trauma early in life ( general rule), something is impacted  in the way the two sides of the brain communicate with each other–as a  result that it impacts something in the dreaming cycle.  It seems as  though the dream cycle is caught in a loop, like a record with a skip,  or a washing machine that doesn’t quite kick over into the next part of  the washing-rinse-spin cycles.  As a result, an individual cannot  complete the processing of the experience.  It is staying lodged in the  psyche as ‘unresolved.’ ( my term). I would also add/ elaborate that it  is staying in the energy bubble, which is to say it will continue to  haunt the individual, like a hungry Ghost, feeding on the other aspects  of their life and energy.


read entire article at:

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willow.jpgHealing people who aren’t ready or don’t ask/ want it…



This is a response in regard to an example on Linked in.  It was  about a woman who gave and gave, and never got anything back.  She  believed eventually she would be in a wheel-chair; as this would be her  only permission to “stop.”  It also reflected the extent to which she  understood that her circumstances were crippling her.   The healer noted  that this woman resisted the idea of receiving healing or help.   Without that “permission,” that acknowledgement that the current dynamic  was killing her, unhealthy, and that she wanted it to  stop/change..healing would not accomplish very much. Until the woman  changes her contract (which sounds like need=love/ abandonment issue?)…  .. sending healing energy.. wouldn’t get to her.  I am guessing it  would be like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it.  it would  just leak out.  I wonder if that has some part of why choice is  important?  if a person chooses to accept healing.. maybe that is part  of plugging up holes…




Sending healing energy, won’t change contracts, or allow any of the  other deeper changes to be made. Adding energy to someone who has  vampires draining them, can make them a bigger target, and drawing the  line, is often the step the person NEEDS to make, for themselves.  So  for anyone with a gift, remember, with power comes great  responsibility.  part of that responsibility entails knowing when NOT to  use it.  Just because we have it, doesn’t mean it is the shiny new  toy…flashy and showy and taking it out whenever possible.


There have been many times when I have seen someone in dire  circumstances, sometimes of their own creation, sometimes that they have  “bought in to.”  Either way, as disheartening as it is to watch these  things play out, compassion and support are the best and only thing any  healer can do– until the person is ready. Like any addict, sometimes a  person has to hit rock bottom, before the get it.  So that is the place  the healer, patiently waits.


Also- this particular story reminded me of another aspect… which i  often try to instill in people, especially healers.  In western culture  in particular..  people do NOT NEED more energy-IN… they need  energy-OUT.   Western culture is a culture of energy-junkie-ism/  vampirism- both literally and metaphorically.  Western energy takes and  takes, wants it cheap, free, easy.. and it ” steals” from all the  bubbles around it.  This is because westerners no longer no how to  connect to Source, their own source of energy, sources of energy.  As a  result, their bubbles are living in a place of lack, perceiving a lack.   As a result.. many bubbles are scrambling for the “visual” accessible  energy from each other.  But just like the universe, what we can see is  less than 5%(?)… there is SOOOO  MUCH energy… but no one knows how to  tap into pure good solid sources.


The end result of this, is that people are hoarding energy, and most  importantly- holding onto every shred and scrap they can get.  Much of  this is less refined or unhealthy energy.  And even if it WAS pure when  it was acquired… sitting and stagnating– maybe one way to think of  energy is as if it had a shelf life.. best when used fresh.  held onto,  like water.. it can stagnate and turn rancid(? word.)..


But anyway- the fact is.. most people are carrying a lot of heavy  energy, old contracts and have leaky pipes/ wiring in their bubbles.   Adding more energy to this,WITHOUT correcting the structural weaknesses  does not resolve the real difficulties.  More people need help  releasing, than they need help receiving energy.  And in terms of  receiving energy- what will likely serve people best.. is NOT to just  give them free added energy.. but rather teaching them 1, how to tap  into their own energy sources, and/or 2.. teaching that the  Universe/Source is a better place to replenish, than the people and  locations around them.

as I teach my students.. if a person has access to an all you can eat  organic gourmet buffet.. they will not be hungry when they pass the  drive-through…:)

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121.jpgSo many healers and nurturers feel compelled to help others.  One of  the deep lessons of my teachers: first, ask: is this work for my hands?   Just because we CAN, doesn’t mean we SHOULD.  Sometimes people aren’t  ready to heal.  Sometimes our need/ desire to help, is based from OUR  unresolved elements. The most potent way to help, or heal, is to do our  own work, and.. be available.


We, as healers and helpers don’t NEED to do anything.  The hard  lesson.. is to live a healed life, and make yourself available.  People  who are ready/ looking.. will find you.   Even then… it isn’t about  trying to get others to change.. so much as offering whatever support  will help them on their journey:)  Patience grasshopper. The ox is slow,  but the earth is patient:)  It is all about all things being lined up..  and just because you, or I, or anyone, is there and ready- since there  has already been a shift for us– doesn’t mean the person you encounter  is fully ready…:) Are you a healer, or nurturer that struggles with this  dilemma?


And yes- our culture and cosmology has created very small boxes, and  instilled fear about what is outside the box.  People are steeped in  fear, and wound, and unresolved issues.   Most western religions are  intended to stand between the individual and the infinite-  intentionally.  NOW, granted, one does have to understand that there is a  LOT of stuff out there.  It is important to know the landscape and have  a good map, have good support and guides.  NOT all things are warm and  fuzzy with our best interests at heart.  I think, THAT, in essence, is  what the middleman was originally intended as, protection and guide.  In  western traditions, however, it has become more about power and  control, and treating members like children, never allowing them to grow  up- into mature, responsible, functional adult-souls:)The result, there  are a lot of lost little lambs wandering around in the woods.   vulnerable. Without that internal anchor to the infinite/higher  self/universe.


Connecting is so crucial.  Once that happens, the world around you  changes.  It may be you talk to god. It may be you talk to your “over  soul”… your highest self.. I have no way of knowing which you tap into.  additionally, I don’t know that the answer is relevant, as the oversoul  is much more closely connected, intertwined(?) to Source.. So perhaps it  is a quantum thing where it is both at the same time:  the part of your  higher self that is also overlapped(?) with Source, or god.  In that  case you are both speaking to something that is outside of you, and you-  at the same time:


Sometimes is is just a matter of tuning in, which is, in essence the  same as initiating a conversation… sort of like picking up the phone..  even if you don’t dial- because the universe is already on the other end  of the line…


And yes- ASKING, is key…:)  whether it is in the form of “prayer,” or  resonance etc… WE have to put it out there- what it is we would like,  expect, want or need.  The universe is BIG, and there’s a lot going on..  and as with any physical plane relationship- we should not expect our  partners to be mind-readers..


Also- I believe there is something essential about the asking/  resonating, etc.. Maybe that is conscious choice, or free will etc.. but  we have to CHOOSE.. and ASKING, is part of choosing.. That way, we must  assume responsibility for our circumstances and outcomes:) Maybe part  of Waking up, is this realisation.  And from that insight, comes the  empowerment and co-creation of our world/ life/reality:)

The good side of that, is that there ARE more and more people waking  up, and more venues where people can learn how to connect with,  understand, and safely navigate the cosmic waters:)  And the more people  wake up, and patiently wait for the sleepers to awaken… the stronger  that dynamic becomes:)  so the message for healers is, get ready.. the  alarm clocks are starting to go off.  Sleepers awaken.  And when they  awaken.. remember your journey to this point did not happen all at  once.. you cannot heal the path you have not walked.  so healers need to  heal themselves, in order to support those who will follow

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Friday Morning, Early. Linked In.  I really do love the discussions  and questions I encounter in the groups through this site.  Linked in is  an absolute treasure trove ( okay, what


a  trove?)…anyway- there was a great Question about 2012. Everyone is  starting to buzz about this date, especially as it is approaching, ever  nearer.  I think more people are asking: gee- what is this all about.   Mostly not giving it too much credence, as doomsday predictions have  been around forever- but perhaps also wondering, with a tiny corner of  the brain… is there something I should know about.  I imagine getting  caught unprepared for an apocalypse might suck.  Not that there is  anything one could do to divert it… or is there…?

… it seems Apocalypse thinking has always been around. The early  Christians, middle ages, millennial ( both of them), the Mormons’ great  disappointment, etc. I imagine there is quite a long list of doomsday  incidences. WHY? not really sure. I know some of the particulars about  the 2012 shift.. regarding, yes the Mayan calender ends there ( was that  coincidence? who knows- but we take it as significant, and therein is  the relevant aspect. Sort of like deconstructionist theory in  literature: what the Author intended when he wrote has little meaning-  what the reader constructs for meaning is what bears import. I ascribe  to a combination of those theories:).


Anyway- yes, it does seem that there is a LOT of overlap of  mythologies that point to this as a time of great significance. the end  of the Mayan Calender. the end of the pachacuti cycle for the  Inca/Andeans. the Hopi prophecies. the I-ching, christian biblical. even  computer code: the list is quite long. What does it signify?  Apparently, this is about the time when the earth aligns with the  galactic core. what does that mean in terms of astronomy and physics and  metaphysics? who knows. this apparently happens every… 26,000(?) years (  I’ll have to check that number, as I honestly can’t remember if its  millions or thousands). Whatever the number, we can say, this HAS  occurred before. What happens as part of this.. who knows. We are only  recently, in our history, coming to understand our cosmic backyard, the  asteroid belt causing/ contributing to ice ages ( long explanation  there:), planetary shifts, pole/ axis shifts… All mythologies,  cosmologies and other hype aside.


I think most people will agree we are living in a time when a LOT is  going on. Globally, geologically, socially, politically, personally and  inter-personally, spiritually, etc. Note that the Chinese word for  chaos, also indicates opportunity. Energy is stirred up. the outcomes  are not set, at least in this timeline of the multi-verse… WHAT we do  with these opportunities is up to us. Maybe it will be doomsday, but  maybe there is great opportunity for growth, awakening, and evolution,  on many of the planes and levels of being. Maybe it is a collective  opportunity… but maybe it is individual, as well. Opportunity is there,  more accessible. who chooses to step into it, and who does not…and I  think that is the beginning of what we ARE seeing, all around us,  already… More and more people CHOOSING, a better path. with integrity,  and the beginnings of awareness.



Mayan God of Fortune



What are your thoughts or experiences?  Share below! :)

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Andean and Eastern techniques to spirituality have many points in  common.   The one point that I think differentiates, is the meditation  aspect. From what I have been taught and understand, the Eastern  teachings are more focused toward stillnes and silence.  I remember when  some of my earlier teachers tried to get me to meditate, and create  stillness.  I often felt frustration and failed miserable.  Sound  familiar?  There are other approaches that are equally effective, that  don’t  require that same disciplined stillness.  Huge difference….

The Andean approach teachings something — that doesn’t translate  directly– forcing the kawsey.  Andean/ inca approach deals a little more  with moving energy, rather than stillness.  I was taught that it is the  feminine- to the Asian-masculine.  When “meditating” or working with  energy, I was taught, rather than to “wrestle” with the thoughts/ images  that come up– attempting to restore tranquility,.. to just allow them  to pass.  sort of.  If it is negative/hucha/heavy.. then we release it  to Pachamama( who will recycle it).  In the Andean cosmology, they don’t  really have a concept for evil, therefore releasing the heaviness is a  gift to the Earth.  The hucha is a low dense energy, but PachaMama will  transform it into food- much like the biological cycles;)


Anyway- rather than wrestling with our thoughts, I was taught to  allow them to pass.  They are part of some process, of things that are  arising, or being released.  I suppose this might be a touch of a  Taoist, or Wu-wei sort of concept(?). I think the idea is that by  wrestling and “repressing’ or denying them, it attaches more energy into  them. Whereas by noticing it, acknowledging it and releasing it to  Pachamama, with  the intent of letting it go, can be very powerful with  less “work.”


Additionally, with active and nature meditation, we can learn how to  “source” from Nature and natural sources of energy: the elements and  higher planes.  Those sources of energy are pure and nourishing.  They  can also be like eating healthy nutritious food.  That nourishment is  grounding and soothing, rather than turbulent and chaotic.  This feeds  into the cycle of relaxed awareness, both of self and surroundings.


However, the Andean approach isn’t as much about “stillness.”  This  is probably why it has such an appeal for me.  I truly suck at  meditating:)  I can find that focus and clarity when working with  energy, or doing breathwork- but staring at a candle and breathing?  Not  happening:) This isn’t to say it isn’t effective potent or valid.  I  just happen to suck at this approach. It has to do with learning styles  and temperaments.  I find better stillness and clarity and tranquility  through movement and something that is more actively engaged.


I do understand and appreciate the benefits of more bona fide  meditation.  I just honour the idea that based on genuine differences in  learning styles- it is not the optimal approach for everyone:)


Both ways work- the goal is to heal the spirit, or soul- the method  isn’t as important as the healing result. Either way, the spirit is  healed, and you become whole. The past and the wound no longer continue  to inform the present.  When this happens, you an be informed by your   highest self, your soul the Universe, or God.  This is what is known as  stepping onto your soul path.  When you do this, the path aligns itself  in front of you and you are in balance with yourself.  Things feel more  settled, and there is clarity.  This doesn’t mean it never wobbles.    But when we know what balance looks like, and feels like, it is easier  to regain.

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