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You’ve gotten all your school supplies- but are you prepared for the school year? Help your kid succeed this year:  better grades, less stress, help your kid to succeed, confidently and happily. Whether you just want a bit of extra support, or your kid has never liked school or done well- The Naturally Smarter Kid will give you insights so your kids can tap into their true potential and excel this year.


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Emotional mental and nutritional health all play a role in helping you and your child to become mindful and empowered, and able to achieve maximum success while feeling happy and relaxed.


This book will help you to help them succeed. You will understand the educational system in a way that allows you to become a powerful advocate for your kids. And you will learn what YOU can actually DO, both at school and at home-- that can completely change your child's attitude and success. This book is filled with information, practical advice, and teaching strategies you can use immediately


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fileschoollibrary.JPGIf you are reading this, or if you have been following this thread of posts, chances are you get exactly how broken the current public education model is.  Understand that when I ask- who will fix the broken system.. I never meant.. fix the public school system.  I meant, literally- how we educate our children.  I don’t know that there is any fixing the good ship titanic of education.  It is far too entrenched, and as noted, painting a house whose foundation is rotted and sinking.  No one is looking at the basement/ foundation- and praising the pretty new colours on the walls.


My reason for writing this series– is to create the dialogue, about the importance of including the creative/ non-linear, human-spiritual–ecological aspects and connections.  Without that.. the rest of educational reform is just window dressing and fresh paint.  Here’s a question that hit me this morning:  if school is soooo great and wonderful and the system has created such an amazing learning environment… why aren’t kids thrilled to be there, happy, healthy, and fully engaged- even over-coming their external life circumstances in the drive and hunger to learn and be part of it?


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Historically, Education was a privilege.  It was also elective.  Many   parents on farms, gave their children basic instruction on reading and   writing, and arithmetic.

At what point, did education shift from a right, to an enforced obligation? who came up with that brilliant idea?

Should education be required?  What if it wasn’t?


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