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maggie grounding.jpgI was just reading an interesting article about some of the physical benefits, or rather physiological benefits of grounding. It talked about the importance and benefits of going barefoot. Also,  I remember in my herbal training, we talked a good bit about how the feet absorb minerals from the ground and grass.  That's a pretty cool idea and absolutely makes evolutionary- biological good sense.






Another benefit to walking barefoot is also physiological.  Or perhaps anatomical?  When we walk over uneven ground, especially if we are barefoot.. we use our muscles and our bodies very differently.  Walking over uneven ground, and walking barefoot over natural ( not man-made/ paved) surfaces allows us to use more of our muscles, and stresses the feet and joints less.  I played around with this, shifting back and forth between the sidewalk, and the grass next to it.  I definitely sensed the distinction. Of course, it probably looked a bit silly, but I was pretty immersed in the changes in sensory information.  Walking over the grass also felt more relaxing, satisfying, in some way...have you tried it? You might be surprised...



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