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Clash Royale is the latest game from Supercell, creators of the very popular game Clash of Clans. This game is not a sequel however an entirely different game that also uses some of the characters from COC but it?s more of a card game. For devotees of COC, this game is really knowledgeable, very easy to play and of course, really addictive. Clash Royale is only available on iOS and only on selected nations and is now on soft launching. Therefore if you try to hunt on the appstore for the game and you can?t find it, this means your country is not part of the gentle launch. Bummer I understand. Stress maybe not for our nation is also not included on the list but we are able to play it just fine. We only have to do some tweaking on our app store accounts in order to download and play the sport, one may call it Clash cheats. Below is the guidebook on how exactly to do this. Clash Royale Launched ? You'd have known of the sport Clash of Clans if you have been playing games for weeks now. It is one of the largest mobile games on app stores. Today, the creators of that sport, Supercell, launched a soft release of their latest card-based, immediate competition mobile game Clash Royale. There are lots of card games developing lately and some are actually really popular and we presume Supercell might one to try and control this gaming niche too by using some facets of these quite popular Clash of Clans and producing a brand new but really enjoyable card game that will also be quite recognizable to their currently millions of gamers enjoying their games. Clash Royale is actually not a sequel to Clash of Clans as it's a totally different game. Certainly we'll have a lot of characters but the game play and group of the game is absolutely different. Supercell has noted the team working on Clash Royale is totally different from the people that are nonetheless actively creating Clash of Clans.

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