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The book, ?Cycles of Time ? Revenge is Mine,? is written in the tone of an intriguing suspense mystery dual tale. However, the true deeper meaning below the storyline?s surface is about; how life events can sometimes push us into pursuing our most sinister selfish aspirations.


These encompassing dark feelings will eventually consume and control us. Without forethought, they can cause us to act indifferent pushing us to fulfill our deepest and darkest transgressions. In turn, if acted upon, these transgressions will stalk us through the Cycles of Time, embedding themselves like maggots deep into our souls. They will gnaw at our free will until inevitably giving birth. Thus, rising to the surface in the form of anger, hate, and vengeance toward our fellows.


But life, like the waves in the ocean, is full of ups and downs. Hopefully, upon our desperation, we are led to despair. Once this state of being is reached will we be forced into a state of humility causing us to become willing? Willing to examine our own behaviors and actions. This self-examination is a torturous task and will feel like **** on earth, but in order to survive, it is a key factor. If we are lucky, we will be given a chance to embrace the light of a new direction, allowing it to whip us into learning how to have compassion and understanding for our fellows.

After submission and humility are achieved, if we truly desire a better existence for ourselves we will arrive whole-heartedly at remorsefulness. In our remorseful state, we are then pulled into forgiveness.


This powerful lesson in forgiveness and empathy toward our fellow humans will always lead us to live a more peaceful, fulfilling, and loving life. Enriched with our true hearts desires.


K.G. Petrone

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