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Lazlo Ferran
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United Kingdom
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Editing, video creation
My Website:
During English author Lazlo Ferran's extraordinary life, he has been an aeronautical engineering student, dispatch rider, graphic designer, full-time busker, guitarist and singer (recording two albums, one of Arabic music featuring the rhythms of Hossam Ramzy). He has traveled widely and had long and successful career within the science industry, but now left employment in the public sector to concentrate on writing. He has lived and worked in London since 1985 and grew up in the home counties of England. Brought up as a Buddhist, in recent years he has moved towards an informal Christian belief and has had close contact with Islam and Hinduism. He has a deep and lasting interest in theology and philosophy. His ideas and observations form the core of his novels. Here, evil, good, luck and faith battle for control of the souls who inhabit his worlds. He has traveled widely, living for a while in Cairo during 1982. Later, he spent some time in Central Asia having various adventures, one of which was getting married in the traditional Kyrgyz style. He has a keen interest in the Far East, Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe ? the latter informing his series of books about vampires and werewolves. He keeps very busy as a self-supported writer but is a big movie buff and still pursues his other interests of history and genealogy.
My interests:
Writing, reading, history (particularly WWII), genealogy, rambling.
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About my completed projects:
I have complete the high tech science fiction Iron Series (5 boook), although there may be more. I have also complete the first 4 books in the Ordo Lupus and the Blood Moon Prophecy series, a continuing tale about shape shifters, vampire snakes and werewolves, featuring witches, time-travel and plenty of medieval romance and battles! I have also published 2 books in my Wartime series - Attack Hitler's Bunker, featuring Hawker Hurricanes and Short Stirlings in a daring raid to bomb Hitler's bunker in Berlin during WWII. A second book in the series, December Radio, investigates what might have happened if the Nazis had developed a viable nuclear weapon and used it to threaten America. It draws heavily on physics expertise of UK physicsts I have worked with a documentary evidence of what the Germans really were up to in the last stages of the war. It features U-boats, Fw 190s and many other conventional technology as well as V2s, the Amerika Bomber or Silverbird (Silbervogel) designed by Eugen Sanger, and a whole host of other secret technology, as well as a vivid account of life and approaching death in the concentration camps. I have also published other novels about the rock music business, war in Central Asia in the 17th Century and British Political intrigue as well as short stories.
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My accomplishments:
I am happy that I have had my first book published by W & B Publishers in the USA. The book is called December Radio and is doing well.
Favorite resources:
Historical sources from WWII, genealogical records of my own family (which go back to 1240 France) and books about religion in France in the early medieval period.
Websites I find useful:
Upcoming events:
My third book in the Wartime series will be published late this year or early in 2017. It will be a romance, set against the background of the most controversial deal done between the UK and Russia over the Nene jet engine, a deal that gave the Russians a considerable advantage at the start of the Cold War.
witch paranormal occult medieval thriller military vampire suspense wwii werewolf angel wicca laser tanks genetics gene aviation grail jerusalem hitler atlantis android cyborg time_travel holy robot shifter starship v2 distopia replicant fuhrer u-boat troopers

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