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May 4, 2008
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Nov 21, 2017 12:16 AM
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InDesign, book design, social networking, anything Apple
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I offer discounted rates to CS authors to edit, proofread, typeset interior files, design custom book covers, and format ebooks for Kindle, Nook and iPad. View my online portfolio at
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books cover design editing typesetting interior kindle ebook graphic editor magazines proofreader designer proofread ipad

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lipmag started the discussion Unspeakably expensive ...

"I have now converted (at great effort) all my e-Books to be available here in paperback.  I do not expect any monetary return for that inves"

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4 hours ago
lipmag replied to Unspeakably expensive ...

"MisterURL wrote:   Is NZ New Zealand?   Yep.   I should add, I'm from Australia. The $23-25 pricing I mentioned is AUD. I try to ke"

in Marketing - 7 replies
8 hours ago
lipmag replied to checking dialogue punctuation

"gdavies wrote:   But I'd have to have to control-f (find) every single quotation mark and look at each one (and surrounding punctuation).."

in Formatting - 5 replies
9 hours ago
lipmag replied to Unspeakably expensive ...

"MisterURL wrote:   But the bigger issue for the long run is how can traditional publishing other than for established authors ever work?"

in Marketing - 7 replies
10 hours ago
lipmag replied to Certain Createspace printers use lower quality printing for illustrations than others?

"Neither CS or IS use glossy interior paper. Some of their paper stocks might have a smoother effect or a sheen, but they aren't classified a"

in CreateSpace Central - 5 replies
10 hours ago
lipmag replied to Who is interested in creating Calendars?

"Also check out     Michelle ------------- Odyssey Publishing -- editing, cover design and book formatting services to hel"

in Create - 4 replies
10 hours ago
lipmag replied to Selling book chapters as bundle

"I've done this for a client. As long as each bundle is clearly marked as being a subset of the full version, I'm sure it'd be fine. You don'"

in Introduce Yourself - 2 replies
10 hours ago
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