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May 4, 2008
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InDesign, book design, social networking, anything Apple
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I offer discounted rates to CS authors to edit, proofread, typeset interior files, design custom book covers, and format ebooks for Kindle, Nook and iPad. View my online portfolio at
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books cover design editing typesetting interior kindle ebook graphic editor magazines proofreader designer proofread ipad

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lipmag replied to Question on Netgalley ARCs

"That article was pretty similar to my experience too, in terms of negative reviews -- there are a lot of trolls on NetGalley, and the ROI is"

in Distribution - 4 replies
23 hours ago
lipmag replied to Question on Netgalley ARCs

"I had a NetGalley subscription for about two years. Requests for titles only lasted about 2-3 weeks, then they dropped off unless I proactiv"

in Distribution - 4 replies
23 hours ago
lipmag replied to Promoting your book via an Author Interview

"Hi R.C.   Can you share some details about your web traffic and social media following? I have heaps of authors willing to do blog tours,"

in Marketing - 2 replies
23 hours ago
lipmag replied to Marketing vs. Publicity

"Publicity, broadly, brings awareness to a product without a direct call to action, whereas marketing usually is about getting a specific res"

in Marketing - 13 replies
23 hours ago
lipmag replied to What are the rules for including text on back of book cover?

"Probably. Anything smaller than 10pt is too small for a back cover. Also, back cover blurbs should be concise and to the point. If you're tr"

in Book Cover File Formatting - 5 replies
1 day ago
lipmag replied to Latest info re: putting 'own ISBN' on book cover

"but it does indicate a surprising lack of awareness, or a flagrant disregard of the standards.   So, nothing new there. Adding it to th"

in Formatting - 28 replies
3 days ago
lipmag replied to Paying CreateSpace to create a cover

"I haven't used CS's cover service so won't discuss price or quality. But, you should be aware before proceeding that you will never own the"

in Create - 10 replies
4 days ago
lipmag replied to Printing small size book

"Pretty sure that's as small as you can go here.   To get cover over templates for custom sizes, check out     Michelle"

in Formatting - 6 replies
4 days ago
lipmag replied to Acceptance of books by indie book stores

"I think the store is just trying to save everyone time -- they are not going to display your book face out, so without spine text the book w"

in CreateSpace Central - 8 replies
4 days ago
lipmag replied to Formatting a file before uploading

"CS prints what you upload. If you upload an unformatted Word file, that's what you'll get back. For best results, upload a formatted PDF in"

in Book Interior File Formatting - 4 replies
5 days ago
lipmag replied to POD - are these problems common?

"Sadly, CS doesn't have any QA processes, so these repeated and varied problems are not uncommon.   I can say two things about IngramSpark:"

in Getting Started - 11 replies
5 days ago
lipmag replied to 11 Straight Pages of Spam - Great Job CS

"Seems Amazon is getting bad at moderation all over their business, not just in the forums:"

in CreateSpace Central - 15 replies
1 week ago
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