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Nov 25, 2010
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murat uhrayoglu
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Istanbul, Turkey
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book reading, design and e-books and web sites
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Murat Uuhrayoglu, was born in Istanbul on August 17, 1976. First, middle and high school education in istanbul-Turkey, was completed. Then, "Yildiz Technical University," (YTU) Department of Physics and Graduate Institute of the University SCIENCE studied in 1995-2000 and then getting Master degree in 2002. Since the 2000s, doing research in a variety of domestic and foreign sources of various articles of faith and scientific issues, about the M theory, Super strings, Quantum Gravity and Graphic Designs much amount that imagined about physical events (among Paralel universe, Quantum gravity Egg model, many 11-D Super string diagrams and Space-time drawings, etc.) has prepared excellent works. This theoretical study, the first moments of the universe and down to the depths of quantum mechanics, relativity theory, the fifth dimension, and they will try to expand the legacy they left us, acting tips, and secrets of the universe to solve the mystery of the show and try to understand a structure combined with high levels soaring ..
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Book reading, science researches e-book design and cover creating, web design and mastering..
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Quantum Theory of the Lost Eggs (Last Theory of the Universe) [Kindle Edition] Product Description "Universe in the coming exposition of the "Big Bang" theory is popular now, instead of the Theory of 5D Relativity can be defined as a mathematical generalization of the size and strong structure to the fifth dimension, a nearly 11-year long study is the result of philosophical thought, and I took the logic of this theory, containing being that total in pieces of three volume, the head of everything in this topic, namely how to create the beginning of the universe as explained scientifically, so also provides some important clues about the end of Universe. In fact, this kind of thinking and modern physics, this approach has already Sufism itself. For example, he said: In the first 18 make up part of the Masnavi of Rumi distiches off input is mentioned in a sense, a deep well from the bottom of what the universe is a whole world of existence constantly transmitting information about the speech, actually subatomic level, this is an excellent indicator of electron transfer and creation slim secrets, but we have reached a high level of mathematics is an important outcome of a perfect expression of the language of mysticism. Here, the fact that deep wells indicate that Black Hole or White hole singularities. Nay, the divine creator has caused assets in the form of notes that make up the basic components of the force field, and what sounds to be removed, electrons and other subatomic particles will be reduced to the equivalent. However, a Sufi in this century, perhaps for the first time referred to in this work, the most basic and most small-scale to a string vibration of the universe, the universe of all assets on behalf of the world, for example, expressed in a closed room can tell a guitar vibrations carried through wires. Who knows? Perhaps such an approach that combines modern physics with modern Sufism can be an excellent way of thinking .. Of course, this goes for all the music of the universe. In other words, the string vibrations of continuous massive Symphony of Sinusoidal Oscillation in the process of this intellectual creation will be reduced to the equivalent thin woven notes .. " ?So According to this study, from whole book?s 800 pages in this first volume that combining almost all physics laws and theories ?from Newton?s Mechanics, Einstein?s 11D Super String theory? in form of unique unified field structure in Space-time, a Modern Age Principia can be said..?
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books book stories e-book cat science ancient wisdom online laws simple learning physics quantum stephen e-books mechanics einstein schrodinger's albert hawking egg academic theories unification

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