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Nov 5, 2012
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Aug 6, 2018 3:14 AM
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Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
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First time Author, publishing independently on Kindle at the end of November with my first book 'Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa'. Afterwards I hope to publish via Createspace.
My interests:
Wargaming, Writing, Ceroc Dancing, Airsoft skirmishing
About my completed projects:
blurb from the book: "Victoria Haldred is a Council of Peace investigator, charged with maintaining the peace in a post war world. Murder, assassination, bombings and blackmail, not to mention politics and double-dealing, are just some of the goings on she has to deal with. In her first outing, 'Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa' Victoria is on the trail of the so called 'last vampire'. But a simple vampire hunt (simple?) hides a sinister agenda by dark forces. Together with her partner Malak she must uncover the truth behind the hunt, and avoid becoming hunted herself!"
My accomplishments:
Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa = published 30th November 2012
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Upcoming events:
Book launch 30th November 2012
novel author fantasy crime detective chronicles alyssa haldred

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