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Sep 24, 2011
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My name is Win Charles. In 1987 I was born in Aspen, CO where I continue to live. I am a self-taught artist and became interested in doing artwork as a way to cope with having cerebral palsy. My inspiration for my artwork is life in general as well as roses, orchids and the flora and fauna of the Bahamas; I always had a life long admiration for the Bahaman Islands and it?s people and the flora and fauna of the Bahaman Islands. What is my medium i use digital art
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Why I'm writing my bio at ages 24/25: 1- in honor of my whole family who've support my life with have cp. and in honor of my amazing mom who was my sole care giver for 23 until aug 12 2010 the day of her passing so that side we had the most amazing mother & daughter relationship ( I'll expand more on that,in my book) 2. The worlds "teaching" tool about cp I want to let people into with cp through the pages of my book( FYI I don't think theres that many books written from the powerful perspective of a person living cp) 3, someone who knows well asked me last week/ my family keeps asking me Why am I write this book," is this to make win fell good or to get sales." My answer is, Both and I'll sum it this way people write their own thoughts,felling & emotions in journals all the time,this is my journal,except my journal has a name " I WIN and will been seen by millions on Amazon &,have sales too...I hope!
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