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Aug 28, 2008
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Sarah Scheele
United States
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I was am a homeschool graduate and aspiring writer with two self-published books already out. I used CreateSpace to publish my fantasy novella collections, The Birthday Present/Millhaven Castle (2008) and Facets of Fantasy (2009.) I have serialized part of a novel about homeschooled life through my Facebook fan page. I am currently revising this novel for publication.
My interests:
music, watching football, reading poetry
About my completed projects:
The Birthday Present/Millhaven Castle was the first volume in a projected series about fantasy societies that mimicked or reflected aspects of the homeschooling lifestyle. It contains two stories, a serious science fiction allegory and a more comic story in which Cinderella is turned inside out. This book was aimed at homeschooled teens and had a Christian bent in its marketing. Facets of Fantasy is a collection of five novellas, aimed at teenagers. There is Christian allegory in one or two of the stories and referencing on the back cover, but the work is not preachy. The five stories are versatile in their aims, some comic and some serious.
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My accomplishments:
I maintain an active Facebook fan page where I have used social technologies to market in creative ways. I present novels online in serials prior to publishing them, and send spoofs and short stories to fans through their Facebook inboxes. I have also had a successful online book signing through Facebook, selling my book Facets of Fantasy.
Upcoming events:
I will be running a contest giveaway on my page in July, and am preparing publication of my next novel.
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