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Active Polls in CreateSpace Central

Below is a list of active polls in CreateSpace Central.

How much have you invested in your project, including marketing, design, equipment, software, etc.?

Less than $50 (25%)
$50 - $200 (20%)
$200 - $500 (12%)
$500 - $1000 (14%)
$1000 - $5000 (16%)
More than $5000 (13%)
Total Votes: 337
Apr 9, 2009 8:16 PM UncleVinnys    says:

Ohh, another difficult-to-answer question.

I once worked as a technical writer, and if I were paid for what I've done on the book it would be at least 4 weeks of work on the writing and maybe three weeks on the editing, proof-reading, layout, cover design, etc. One thing is for sure - you put your heart and soul into it when it's your own "baby."

It was something I wanted to do. Now comes the curious part - - how much will I have made an hour if I sell only 10 books? 100 books? 1,000 books.

Ya know, it doesn't matter, 'cause I had a blast doing it, and learned a lot, thanks to CS, and just seeing the project completed is a pretty good reward.

Oct 8, 2009 8:54 PM Guavinway    says:



I have finished a life long dream and I have enjoyed It tremendously...But I will enjoy it even more if It becomes a best-seller!

Oct 20, 2009 5:48 PM    says:
Mainly legal expenses to be sure I was not infringing other's copyrights. In my nonfiction book: Metaphysics: Languages, Realities, Consciousness, & the big-e, I had to use generally known information and refer to other's specific ideas only if necessary, but giving full references to helpful others materials as much as possible. Focusing on expressing my own ideas using my own words was very helpful.
May 21, 2013 8:46 PM EelKat    says:



It’s  really hard to decide how to vote on this one, because it says  “project” implying a single book, and yet I look at it more as a  business, where each book is only a small part of it. Likewise it says  “including marketing, design, equipment, software, etc.” Well, I’ve got  30 books and counting, with 3 to 4 new books coming out each year and  when I do marketing and buying equipment it’s for the business as a  whole not for a single book.


Well,  let’s see, I bought a computer, separate from the “family” computer, so  I could have a computer devoted just to my work, that was a little  under $400, and I get a new one every couple of years, this is my 5th  computer. Business cards are about $30 for every 100 and I go through at  least that many each month. Travel expenses for my car (an antique)  include $40 a week for gas along with repairs which have included well  over $10,000 in repairs (including new tires, new exhaust, rebuilt  trans, ect.) and rhinestoning it cost $2,000+ (I do most of my marketing  and promotion via car shows, this car being my biggest source of  “advertising”). The motorhome I live in when on tour doing events cost  $2,000, and filling the tank in that is at least $100 each fill-up.  Dragon Naturally Speaking cost $350. I go through several packs of  college ruled paper each month, and about 12 pencils each month. Each  time I publish a new book I give away about 100 or so free copies to  reviewers via LibraryThing, that cost varies but is never less than  $300. I do my own book covers with photography and art using the free  FotoFlexer software, but the camera was a couple hundred, and the art  supplies - paint tubes are $5 to $30 each and I have about 400 of those,  brushes are about $20 each, canvases about $20 each - all in all just  the art (acrylic and watercolor) supplies top $2,000.


But  see I use all of this stuff for each book, so I can’t really classify  the costs per book, so I am thinking of this in terms of how much do I  spend each year, rather than each project.


So I voted “More than $5000” because that is more accurate to me and my situation.

Apr 9, 2014 8:10 AM netizen8    says:

For one project, professional editing costs a pretty penny.


People who voted for under $50 probably did the editing themselves if any.


My pet peeve is that many self-publishers don't edit, hence that is why it has a terrible reputation.

Jun 17, 2016 3:06 AM Cryptic    says:

I have but one project going. Actually and truthfully, that project isn't in print yet, mainly because there are so many things to this endeavor to know, that the learning curve seems to be a long one (for me, at least). My costs to this point are only around $650. That is because the project isn't done yet. If things go as intended, the project will be at least three books and possibly more. Having said all that, the cost per book wil go down as this progresses.

A lot of the expense comes first, software, hardware, etc. That expense will not increase much as I add more printed books in the series. One of the intitial expenses was the exorbitant fee that one pays for ISBN numbers - Monopolies can be like that. I went ahead and bought 10 of those from Bowker, as I felt Ceratespace was buying, and not selling by using the cheap ISBN's as little more than a come-on to maintain control. I don't blame them, as it is a marketplace - caveat emptor, as it were. I did have to cough up for another laptop, some other hardware, flash drives, new printer, etc.

Professional editing and any purchased services can really bump up the costs, though often times the value is difficult to measure as we have no true yardstick to follow. It's hard to know if professional editing made any difference or not, because you don't know what sales would have been without it. Purchased reveiws are another thing that will make a price difference. At least if it is reveiwed prior to publishing, you get the opportunity to fix some of the criticisms without a total reduex after the fact. The real impact is time, though, and not the $$. If time is money, the chances are that probably only 5% of us will get paid for our time, realistically. If you're doing this to get rich, though, I would think the lottery would be almost as effective.

Dec 7, 2016 7:34 AM JamesTC    says:

My biggest cost by far has been editing. You've spent less than $500? Who editied your book? I voted $1000-$5000, but that doesn't include the cost of writing classes and workshops. I'm sure that I will NEVER come out of this on the positive side.

Jun 1, 2017 1:12 PM Author7    says:

First, the question is ambiguous because it opens itself to different interpretations. I am assuming, however, that "How much" means "Dollar amount" only. Even then, there is no expenditure specificity. The most "cost" to me, for instance, has been in terms of Time; if you had to edit your manuscript - line edit, grammar, structure, etc., do you put down the dollar amount you should have paid a professional editor as your "how much"? What about the time spent writing your manuscript? I would have liked to know, specifically, what "items of cost" (the variables) you are interested in that would be common to most writers. Even then, remember that writing a fictional novel, non-fiction, training book, etc., pulls different strings.