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Jul 1, 2017 3:01 AM

Triple-Decker Serialized novel

So, I'm working on a novel that is going to be three parts. The reason for this is because my writing is paced in a way that I never end up with anything longer than a novella. So I was going to create a three-part novel. The parts are very separated. For example, Part One is from one character's perspective, Part Two from another character's perspective, and Part Three is the two working together. So it's formatted similar to MCU movies, basically. The individual stories that are connected, with the team-up at the end.


I have been hearing a lot about serials making a comeback and because the three parts, while connected, are still fairly separate, I was considering using the old Victorian triple-decker serial release style for each part, then releasing the full book a little bit after the third part is released.


I'm a new author, so I don't know much about the best practices for this kind of thing. I could really use some advice. Does that sound like something that would be a viable release option? Each part is turning out to be roughly 15,000-17,000 words.

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1. Jul 1, 2017 7:32 AM in response to: SeanofGallifrey
Re: Triple-Decker Serialized novel

For Kindle/ebook, yes, it sounds viable.


For print, I'm not so sure (unless you already have an established reader base) because the list price you can place on a 17K-word novella can't be all that much higher than the print cost if you're using print-on-demand -- which leaves very little margin for promotional costs and profit.


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