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Jan 4, 2011 5:49 PM

Why is shipping from CS so expensive?

Hi guys,


I have a mystery to solve before I finish my order. I need ten books to be shipped to Australia. CS quotes me $77 for economy shipping.

If I order the same book from Lulu, the economy shipping is $16.99. (special shipping is $57.)


The book at CS is much cheaper (pro plan enacted) @ $3.75, whereas Lulu's version is $8.80


It turns out like this:

CS 10 books @ $3.75 = $37.50              Lulu 10 books @ $8.8 = $88.00

Shipping                       $77.00              Shipping                        $16.99

Total                           $114.50              Total                             $104.99            Difference $9.51 less with Lulu.



Who plotted this?

Is there a better way to get my books?

I think $77 is excessive


Both products are similar. Any suggestions? Should we start up a Lulu and Createspace in Australia and prevent this hardship for authors?


Thanks to all those who are not on holidays and who are working on their MS and helping others.




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1. Jan 4, 2011 6:00 PM in response to: Irauus
Re: Why is shipping from CS so expensive?

Lightning Source is opening a plant in Australia in June. I asked my rep about pricing, but they don't have any info yet. However, I'm hoping this will be a game changer and help reduce CS's inflated shipping charges.


Lulu's printing might be cheaper than CS because they have a printer in Melbourne. Also, have you contacted SOS in Sydney for a quote?



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2. Jan 4, 2011 7:28 PM in response to: lipmag
Re: Why is shipping from CS so expensive?

I suspect that the CreateSpace business model is predicated on the assumption that most publications will sell only a handful of copies, or maybe none at all. These low sellers probably form a very high percentage of the CreateSpace catalogue. Since there are fixed costs for each title, it is prudent to make sure that they are covered, regardless of sales volume. The only way to do this is to make the author a source of revenue, too. I am quite sure that the advertised shipping costs with CreateSpace are nothing like what they pay, as they will surely have negotiated one of the world's best deals with their shipping agents. This does, however, allow them to advertise per-book charges that are extremely low, and therefore very inviting!


I would be interested to learn what others are being charged by Lulu, with some actual examples. I never thought it would make sense to deal with two POD companies, but the difficulties in getting paid by CreateSpace (I live outside the USA) are giving me grave doubts about my future with them.

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4. Jan 4, 2011 7:43 PM in response to: Irauus
Re: Why is shipping from CS so expensive?

I'm really looking forward to LSOZ, and having all my needs met in (almost) one place. CS will always have a small role, most importantly the Community, but there are too many hurdles they make us jump unnecessarily for it to be a viable long term solution for international authors.


Happy New Year to you too!



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