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Sep 13, 2017 9:28 AM

Using same ISBN on CS and B&N

Hi! Sorry if someone has already asked this, but have any of you tried using both CS and Barnes & Nobles PoD service? I'm working on publishing my first novel and have run into a quandary. B&N's site sounds like it won't let you use your own ISBN if you are using that same ISBN on another platform (even if it's one you purchased yourself and wasn't assigned by that platform). I know this is not how ISBNs are supposed to work. Different editions, formats, covers, sizes, etc. yes, but not for different distribution platforms when all else is the same. I recently read someone's blog post that said they were able to use the same ISBN for both CS and B&N for their first book, but when they went to do so for the second it wouldn't allow it. Has anyone else run into this? I've not published it yet on either platform as I'm still hashing out all the details to be sure I don't mess it up. I've purchased enough ISBNs to assign a new one to B&N, but I'd really rather not have to do so as they aren't cheap. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you in advance! Any help sorting this out is appreciated as I'm new to all this!

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1. Sep 13, 2017 10:06 AM in response to: Narrina
Re: Using same ISBN on CS and B&N

The issue is that the same ISBN can not be distibuted by 2 distributors (for the Ingram Catalog) so as with IngramSpark, if you enable the Extended Distribution at CS this will cause issues. If this is never enabled you should have no issues using the same ISBN at both. I would suggest setting up at B&N first if you intend to do this then setup at CS and do not enable Extended Distribution.

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3. Sep 13, 2017 10:54 AM in response to: Narrina
Re: Using same ISBN on CS and B&N

I would suggest using IngramSpark instead of B&N, along with CreateSpace (with the same ISBN). Don't enable any EDC channels at CS and IngramSpark will cover the rest, including B&N. IS does charge a setup fee, and file revision fees, but for distribution beyond Amazon, it gives better revenues.


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5. Sep 13, 2017 12:23 PM in response to: Narrina
Re: Using same ISBN on CS and B&N

Yes, IS will provide you a transfer document to sign, once you disable the EDC in CS they will transfer your title distribution (for all but Amazon) to IS.


It's a slightly more time consuming procedure but possible if you have EDC enabled already.

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7. Sep 13, 2017 8:43 PM in response to: Narrina
Re: Using same ISBN on CS and B&N

Generally, it happens once or twice a year that IS has a period of time (1 or 2 months) when they allow free processing of newly submitted books and/or revisions to existing books if you use a special code when you setup the book.  I think the most recent one ended on July 31, so you missed out.  The frequency of these free periods is not "often", but it's happened at least twice in the last 12 months (if I remember correctly).  You could sign up for an IS account now, so that you get all relevant emails from them and then you'd be one of the first to know about the free period.  I don't know if you want to wait that long, but think about this:


You could setup your book with CS, order 5 proof copies and spend until the next time IS has a free period having 5 friends (or an editor) proof your book for you (without ever approving your book on CS), to say nothing of the fact that it would give you an excellent chance to read it again too.  I'll tell you this, I do not know a single person here who has not thought their book was perfect until they actually read it over very carefully in a proof copy.  I doubt if any one of us ever "knew" we had it right on the first try (or even the 5th try).  Believe me, after you get a proof and set it aside for a month and then read it again you're going to find several things you want to correct, change slightly or something.  Then, when you read it again after a year, you're going to find even more.


So, it would  be nice that when one publishes to IS - it's FINAL, and I mean FINAL!  We've read it several times, it's been set aside for months and then reread, out loud to ourselves and we're HAPPY about everything there is - the formatting, the spacing, the font, the running headers and footers, the copyright page, etc., etc.






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