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Sep 23, 2017 9:47 AM

Adobe Flash Player Issue



Well, I'm wondering if something is just wrong with CS this week. It has its days when it will do one thing but not another, then works perfectly, then changes to having an issue with something else. This week, it is telling me multiple things. It says I'm going over 500 pages, but I'm not. In fact, I've published it before and it accepted the book, i just had to "remove" a picture. So if it accepted it before, and removed more, then tried to publish it again, why is it telling me there is more and in fact too much!? I kept taking away more and more words and pictures until it accepted the book once i had 470 pages, i was around 490 to begin with. I've made many books and this never happened.


Well, the main issue, like the title says, I'm having a problem i have never had until today after a year of publishing.

Once i saved my book interior, it says i do not have the flash player. Now, i know you people would say you need the latest update- which in fact, i do. I have been publishing with this all year long. I even went to the site for the latest update and says i already had it downloaded.  I thought that CS just had those stupid issues again, so i went to bed and came back a day later and it's the same issue. It cannot be that i have the wrong or not most updated flash player, but I cannot say what it is exactly then or how to work it out. I tried uploading the book again, but that didn't help.


Anyone ever had this problem? Know how to get aorund it?

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1. Sep 23, 2017 2:26 PM in response to: Xethea
Re: Adobe Flash Player Issue

You didn't say what browser you're using, but dollars to donuts it has been updated since the last time you used CreateSpace. Unfortunately, almost all browsers these days seem to be disabling Flash as the default. You'll need to reenable it in your browser's settings.

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2. Oct 20, 2017 2:44 PM in response to: Lorem_Ipsum
Re: Adobe Flash Player Issue

I have the same issue, and no, it's not because flash isn't updated  or enabled for my browser. I have contacted member services repeatedly about this, with no solution.


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