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Nov 17, 2017 8:41 AM

Question About Series Title & ISBN Imprint

Hi everyone! I have some questions about a series title and ISBN imprint and I'm hoping some of you can help. It's a little long-winded so bear with me. I want the title to look like "Series title: Book title". I know you can get that effect if you put something in the Subtitles section, however, the book title is definitely not a subtitle; it's the main title. When I asked CreateSpace Support, I was told to put the main title in the Title section, and the series title in the Series Title section. I don't agree with that either, though, because then my book won't show up as "Series Title: Book Title". It'll just show up as "Book title", and the Series Title won't be visible anywhere, especially not in the title (which is also a question - why ask for a Series Title if it doesn't show up anywhere?).


With my first novel, its title is both the series title and the actual title (let's just say "bob" as an example :P), with the sequels making the first novel's title the series title. So, with that project, I wrote the same thing under Title AND Series Title, and yet it obviously didn't show up as "bob: bob". Therefore, if I want it to show up as "Series title: Book title", would it be against the rules to just write that all in just the Title section? I understand most people have series listed like "Book title (series title, volume number)". I'm not too fond of that idea, as in my opinion it doesn't look clean/smooth, but I'm considering that as an option as well, simply because then people won't accidentally open up its page and read spoilers if they haven't read the first. If I do it that way, that again brings up the question if I just write the whole thing in the Title section.


Regarding the ISBN imprints, I'm Canadian and we get free ones from the government. As a self-publisher with a pen name, I was told by someone working at Library and Archives Canada (where we get our ISBNs) that my pen name goes in the Publisher name section (which would be where the publishing company name goes, if people have a publishing company), and my real name goes into the Contact Name section. Therefore, when adding my ISBN to the project on CreateSpace, it asks for an Imprint Name. That would be the "Publisher name", which in my case would be my pen name and not my real name, correct? And yes I know that I can make an actual imprint, but it's not something I'm interested in right now and have no qualms about being seen as a self-publisher.

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2. Nov 18, 2017 1:57 PM in response to: Auzora25
Re: Question About Series Title & ISBN Imprint

When it would be beneficial to include a series title in the title listing, the conventional way is to use a form of the series title as a subtitle:

Ripped From the News

A Girl Reporter Romance.


Then the series title in the listing might be Girl Reporter Romances and the series volume number would be 1 (or whatever).


The only way to have both in the title itself is to make the series title part of the book title:

A Girl Reporter Romance: Ripped From the News.


I can't think of any other way that would work on Amazon (or anywhere else, really). Amazon will include the series title on the book's page but not as part of the title unless you make it part.


My preference would be not to use a series title and volume number for book 1 unless book 2 was already written, but use just the subtitle.


If this isn't what you were asking, then I didn't understand at all.

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4. Nov 20, 2017 8:48 PM in response to: Auzora25
Re: Question About Series Title & ISBN Imprint

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