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Nov 19, 2017 5:53 PM

Signed Copies

A few of my potential readers are asking for signed copies. I had not planned for this option. Has anyone successfully addressed this issue?



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1. Nov 19, 2017 6:30 PM in response to: PLAW
Re: Signed Copies

Not surprising - it happens quite often with authors.  Just order a stock through your dashboard, get the books and then ask them to come to your place, or meet them somewhere, sign the book, get some money (nothing extra for the signature) and you're both happy.


If the folks are not in your hometown, then it's a bit more of a problem because after signing, then you have to package up the books and send them on.  You do have to make the money back on shipping charges.



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3. Nov 21, 2017 6:11 AM in response to: PLAW
Re: Signed Copies

I held a book launch party at a local restaurant.  I had a few appetizers and guests paid for their own drinks.  My family and friends came and I signed the books there.   I also ended up selling ten books to patrons of the restaurant. 

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5. Nov 24, 2017 7:52 PM in response to: danwiz
Re: Signed Copies

Has anyone used "Fulfilled By Amazon" (FBA) to distribute signed copies?


As Dan'l suggests, order a limited quantity (10?), sign them, then send the to Amazon for them to fulfull orders.


It won't be easy; you have to set up an Amazon Seller account. Then your signed book becomes just an SKU, and you can price it any way you want. You don't lose Royalties (I don't think) buy Amazon has nickle-and-dime charges for your FBA products that are probably about the same.

  • You have to order printed copies from Create Space and ship them to your house
  • You get to sign each book
  • Amazon will create an UPS shipping label, but they will charge you for shipping (you'll aready have shipping materiel)
  • Amazon will charge you a monthly "storage fee" for the area in your warehouse where you books are held
  • When sold, Amazon takes a percentage of the full price
  • You pay an additional $1 handling fee per sale
  • Amazon handles the shipping (not sure if you're charged)
  • Amazon takes care of returns, refunds, and charge-backs
  • These won't be reported as book sales so these sales won't improve your ranking

This is all guess-work on my part. I may have overlooked some fees. I haven't run the numbers, so I don't know if this ultimately costs more.


Has anyone done this? Has anyone investigated this?


-- Rick

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6. Nov 25, 2017 4:11 AM in response to: REJ3
Re: Signed Copies

Hi Rick,


You're right about the charges.  The expenses can really add up. Unless your signed copies 1) have a strong market, and 2) have a stronger market than unsigned copies, it doesn't make financial sense to do this.


Run the numbers for your specific case.   When you say that Amazon takes care of chargebacks and returns, they take care of the administrative aspects of it but you're still responsible for the financial loss.




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