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Dec 5, 2017 11:02 AM

Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings

On Saturday I tried to update a book that has been online for a year. Despite only a minor change to two pages, Createspace suddenly keeps rejecting the file, claiming there was insufficient bleed. After verifying that all pages had the required bleed, I complained to the customer service. This is their reply:


>Given your query, I can confirm that your margins can be correct however your images is not bleeding correctly. You have selected that you images bleeds however only a few does. I have added three images which shows your images not bleeding enough. I have only attached 3 images however there are more images like the one I have submitted.

Aside of the fact that this dude can't write a single correct sentence: Two of the sample pages sent included small centred images that on purpose do not bleed. The third sample did not show an image at all. What the guy had marked as "not bleeding correctly" was an underlined chapter heading.


What incompetent fools do they hire at Createspace????? And when will my correct file be released by this dude at last?

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1. Dec 5, 2017 2:20 PM in response to: Codex_Regius
Re: Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings

Codex_Regius wrote:


What incompetent fools do they hire at Createspace?????

The kind who answer their help-wanted ads.

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2. Dec 5, 2017 4:16 PM in response to: Codex_Regius
Re: Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings

Wait until the book is rejected, then, making sure that it really is OK, resubmit it and hope you get a better reviewer this time.

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5. Dec 8, 2017 1:20 AM in response to: Codex_Regius
Re: Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings

It seems more and more are joining this club! As mentioned in my thread, they now keep rejecting a cover that they already approved, I ordered a proof and the cover was perfect. And they keep throwing the bleed/trim excuse back at me. On the printed book there is nothing of importance - title, author's name, barcode, blurb/description within a centimeter of the final already trimmed and printed book cover? (they have no problem with the yet) The spine is bang on too, publisher logo centered, what is their problem!!??? This has been going on for week day after day too, I'm waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it now.

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6. Dec 8, 2017 12:00 PM in response to: Codex_Regius
Re: Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings

As I see it, going to KDP Print is not the answer.  I assume they use the same presses, printing related software, and press operators. Management, yes, that would be different. The printing guidelines are different; KDP is far more restrictive compared to CS.


CustomerSupport has never been their strong suit, and I'm sure they aren't proactively trying to improve it. The biggest asset along these lines has been this forum.


As for problems:

  • Sometimes a book has issues that are overlooked by one reviewer, but picked up by a different reviewer. 
  • Sometimes a book has no problems but a reviewer thinks it does.
  • Sometimes when a PDF is prepared by CS for printing, they mess it up. 


None of us knows what CS does to prepare a file.  I've long said I thought they often stripped off some or all of our profile information.  KDP says exactly that:


Color.Profile/ICC.Profile – Color management added to an image or file, which KDP will automatically remove prior to publication.  <pg 5 KDP Print Publishing Guidelines>



We do not recommend including color profiles in your file. Color profiles are automatically removed prior to publishing, which can produce unexpected results. <pg 16 KDP Print Publishing Guidelines>


What else do they do? We don't know.  When a file is revised, it goes through this same process.  Oh, we do know something: CS is a black box.  We upload PDFs, something happens, then we get books.




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